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PPS Trainings

PPS trainings have a mix of practical team exercises, lectures and open dialogs. All in an effort to best prepare our participants for their role

The trainings have a good mix between practical exercises, group work, lectures and open dialogues. PPS course leaders are passionate about sharing experiences and opening up good dialogues. They have long and solid experience in the areas they train in.

We focus on helping our customers achieve good effects from training with us. All trainings are based on the PPS model and conveys the same message from different perspectives and leads to a consensus regarding governance and working methods.

PPS Trainings

PPS Portfolio management

Prioritise and plan business initiatives


Are you starting the rigth projects to reach your strategic goals?
PPS Portfolio management helps you create value in the business. You will learn how to evaluate a initiative against the business's strategy and how to prioritise the portfolio. The course gives you access to skills, checklists and templates that really help you with governance and change. You also gain knowledge about alternative ways of organizing work and making adjustments to the business.

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PPS Programme management

Manage projects, business changes and realise the expected benefits


Are you facing major business changes?
The training gives you PPS definitions and views on programs. Programs are an excellent way of working to coordinate projects and  business changes to achieve an expected benefit. The course gives you access to program management skills and templates.

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PPS Business benefit management

Assess, evaluate and realise the expected benefits


How do you know which is the best initiative to invest in?
The training provides knowledge to initiate the right project in the business. The course gives you knowledge of PPS definitions and views on business benefit management. You get a structured way to manage your development initiatives, and learn to set clear expected benefits with measurable values. You also learn to work with operational changes to reach expected benefits, and get a clear connection to project and program management.

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PPS Steering group

Ensuring the success of the project


Commitment and leadership are keys to succeeding in your steering group work. As a steering group member and benefit owner, you must be able to clarify the expected benefit and explain how they contribute to the strategic goals of your organisation. PPS Steering Group gives you tools and inspiration to give both the project and the business the best conditions for success.

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PPS Project managment

The basics of project management and the PPS model


Do you need help to steer your project from start to finish?
The course gives you the ability to take responsibility for steering a project from start to finish. We also give you an understanding of business benefit management and how to interact with other roles.

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PPS Leadership in project management

Situational leadership for effective teams


Do you dare to be yourself in a leading role?
The training gives you the skills you need to lead people in joint project work. You learn to take advantage of the project members combined skills and capacity, as well as how to create a effective team, to communicate effectively and handle various conflict situations.

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PPS Advanced project management

Project management in complex projects


The training deepens your skills in project management. You will learn more about how the business expected benefit management affect the projects and project management. Great importance is placed on planning, calculation and interaction between projects and operations. The course is an extension of the basic Project management training and gives you knowledge of more advanced project management.

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PPS Refresh project management

Repetition of the basics of project management


Do you need to refresh your PPS skills for an upcoming project assignment, or for a certification?
PPS Refresh for project managers is a digital course that helps you rehearse and refresh your PPS basic project management skills. The course is intended for you who has taken the basic project management training before and feel a need to repeat and review the content.

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PPS Agile

Agile and projects in synergy


What happens to projects when an organisation wants to work with Agile methods?
Project management is affected when organisations goes through agile transformations. This course gives you basic knowledge of what agile within project management means. You will learn about agile principles, how production and delivery works as well as planning and organising an agile project.

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PPS Project member

Work in efficient teams and successful projects


Do you know what is expected of you when you work in projects?
Do you know what it takes to be an effective team?
Trust and confidence are the key to good cooperation. The training gives you insight into what you are expected to contribute when you work in projects and which abilities are needed to become an effective team. Being a project member means that you can handle your part of the production work. You need to clarify and establish commitments, co-operate, plan your work, be available for follow-up and actively participate in meetings.

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