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Security Services

We provide services that safeguard your digital assets - both in daily operations, and through the transformation of business, while helping you align your capabilities to regulatory requirements.

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Seize digital opportunities securely

In the digital age of the 21st century, one of the biggest opportunities for organizations is the digitalization of operations, deliveries and business models. Unfortunately, this opens them up to the risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and attacks. Governments and industry organizations are doing their best to keep legislation and standards on par with development, which consequently changes the circumstances in which a cybersecurity organization operates.

The challenge of managing cybersecurity in a context where everything is constantly changing, while at the same time finding qualified personnel to do it, can sometimes appear overwhelming. This is why 36% of cybersecurity leaders choose to partner with an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). By doing so, you can fast-track your way to realizing your cybersecurity strategy, improve security visibility, enhance response capability, and future-proof your organization.

Sigrun Hansen Bock

Head of Cybersecurity Services

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How does the Microsoft ecosystem benefits cybersecurity?

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Download cybersecurity guidebook

To get a good grip on cybersecurity, you need two things: visibility and simplicity. Read our guidebook - what cybersecurity today entails.

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Are your cyberrisks and preparedness commensurate?

The Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022: Have you calibrated your security investments with your business risk?

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Cybersecurity awareness

How do you think the cyber attackers spot you on the internet?

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What is your need?

Unified Identities and Accesses

Manage the full identity lifecycle of your employees and customers to ensure the smooth and secure flow of your business.

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Comprehensive Security Controls

Take control of your cybersecurity with services based on the needs of your business.

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Agile Security Operations

24/7 managed threat detection, investigation, rapid response and with remedial action

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Advisory and Consultancy Services

Market- leading services and expertise to support you security professionals

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Shape the future

Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at Tietoevry. With us, you can make your mark and shape the future.

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