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Data-driven solutions for health and care

Deliver better care and accelerate business transformation with our market leading data-driven solutions for health and care.

Intelligent data-driven solutions generate new insights and higher value from growing data volumes

Game-changing data-driven solutions, AI and cloud technologies can transform health data storages from a burden to valuable assets and enable rapid development of intelligent solutions.

Healthcare and social care industries are going through a radical change where virtual care, personalized wellbeing and precision medicine are revolutionizing the way care services are delivered and consumed.

New solutions related to these megatrends are generating and using massive amounts of data from different sources. Health data platforms are needed to pull fragmented data from different sources to one centralized data-driven solution that offers the latest powerful technology for automated data ingestion, modelling and storage.

Tietoevry's industry-leading Data Platform for Health and Care enables effective data utilization in medical research and operational development leading to better care at lower cost. Our health data platform also radically accelerates digital transformation by empowering rapid application and AI development in a multi-vendor ecosystem.
Teemu Vähäkainu

Head of data-driven care

Check from the video what benefits our Data platform for health and care brings!

The future of health is built on data, AI and cloud.

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