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Societal engagements

We believe that we can create lasting value by engaging with partners that develop societies and at the same time support our business strategy.

Creating impact together

We want to be an active corporate citizen in the societies where we operate. We believe that we can create lasting value by engaging with partners that develop societies and at the same time support our business strategy.

We believe that the future lies in the youth of today and therefore we want to focus on investing in young people and their education. In addition, we continue to focus on improving digital equality in society, strengthening digital competencies and skills among disadvantaged groups.

Our Sustainability Steering Group, authorized by the Board of Directors, annually reviews our societal engagements. Our selection of partners is based on community-need assessments made in co-operation with local business operations. Our societal engagements give our employees the opportunity to take part in these projects and do good for the society around us.

Read more on our 2021 key societal engagements below.

Kia Haring

Head of Communications and Sustainability

Our partners

Uplift mutuals

This Indian non-profit provides health and medical aid to low-income Families. We have been in contact with them since 2012. In 2019, we worked pro bono developing and providing Uplift Mutuals with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The solution, named Uttam, replaces manual work needed for health insurance claims. Going forward, we will help launch Uttam as a mobile solution, supporting Uplift’s expansion to larger communities.

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Friends has a vision of achieving zero victims of bullying

The Swedish organization Friends is fighting for a world in which no child is subjected to bullying. Every day, Friends visits schools, pre-schools and sports clubs to provide training and develop methods for preventing bullying and discrimination. Friends’ partnerships with municipalities, principals and businesses are important as a means of involving all parts of society in the efforts to stop bullying.

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The Children and Youth Foundation

The Children and Youth Foundation in Finland supports children and youth in achieving their dreams by organizing workshops and discussing the skills that are needed in future work life. The operations of the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation focus on good selfesteem, strong social skills and the courage to act and try out different things. Our latest joint initiative, The Polite Type, fights cyberbullying.

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Lila Poolawalla Foundation

Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) is an Educational Trust in India whose vision is to contribute to the empowerment of Indian women by supporting academically outstanding and financially deserving girls, through scholarship to pursue higher education.

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Driving inclusion through Startup refugees

StartUp Refugees in Finland consists of 500 members, including companies, government officials, NGOs, universities, congregations, research institutes, communities and individuals who support newcomers with starting businesses and entering the Finnish labour market. We are collaborating to help refugees and asylum seekers to strengthen their digital competencies and support the integration into the Finnish labour markets and the society.

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Identity foundation

This charitable trust works in Pune, working with socio-economically challenged children. We have supported Identity Foundation's Mobile Learning and Infotainment Centre (MLIC) buses since 2007. In the two mobile learning and infotainment buses children can get literacy as well as life skills education. The MLICs also serve as information facilities by giving children an exposure to positive entertainment and providing useful information.

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