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PPS Steering group

Ensuring the success of the project

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PPS Steering group

Ensuring the success of the project

How involved is the Steering group?
Is the steering group committed to ensuring a successful project?
Is the steering group and the orderer clear and evident ambassadors for the project?

Engagement and leadership are keys to being successful in your work as an benefit owner or a steering group member. You need to be able to clearly describe the expected benefit the project shall contribute to, and also how it links to the strategic objectives in your organization. As a steering group member you need to be engaged in the project and in the operations and also understand the business change that needs to take place to reach the expected benefit. This training gives you the tools and the inspiration to be successful.


  • Overview PPS
  • Steering group, project
  • Decision points
  • Evaluate initiative
  • Initiate project
  • Organise business benefit management
  • Business and projects
  • Choose strategy, steering group
  • Review project plan, steering group
  • Support project, steering group
  • Change control
  • Conclude, steering group

After the course you will have knowledge about:

  • the PPS view and structure
  • the link between the project and the expected business benefit in the organization
  • the roles benefit owner, project owner and project steering group
  • the responsibilities and authority of the steering group
  • the cooperation between the benefit owner, the project owner and the steering group
  • how to find and use the support in the PPS model

Target group 
Persons that will work as an benefit owner or steering group member

The course is a mixture of presentations, discussions and team work

One day

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The course can also be held internally in your organisation

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