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Boss I'm Back

Get to know the stories of our comebackers and what made them choose to join Tietoevry again!

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It's worth coming back - check it out!

We understand that our employees change jobs for various reasons such as gaining new competences, getting to know a different work environment and broadening horizons. We value that our employees strive for continuous improvement and have the courage to try new challenges. Moreover, if they want to join us again, they are more than welcome.

Learn more about the stories of our people who returned to Tieroevry after their time away!

Recruitment Team

What made you come back?

Lotta Riihimäki

I highly appreciate the Tietoevry way of working; the flexibility leads to a better work-life balance and well-being.

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Mikko Niemi

"The chance to contribute to a meaningful project and have an interesting career path made me come back."

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Gregor Habinger

" It was this unique combination of amazing colleagues and a dynamic, team-oriented culture that ultimately drew me back to Tietoevry."

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Krystian Margas

"I came back to Tietoevry because I received a growth opportunity from the leadership and, simply saying, enjoyed my previous experience."

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Lena Svensson

"I value that our company is working with environmental issues, equality and supports for example Friends organization here in Sweden and other good causes."

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Vera Kejr

"Tietoevry is a big organization with good employee benefits and possibilities for development. In addition, you meet and work with colleagues worldwide. I love the diversity of our company that helps you to grow both professionally and personally."

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Lāsma Avotiņa-Žaglova

"Tietoevry’s culture is the first thing that stayed on my mind – you cannot find similar culture anywhere else."

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David Dastghieb

"I appreciate Tietoevry's culture that values work-life balance and employee well-being, which is something that I didn't find in my other jobs."

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Riikka Säikkälä

"I think that in some way even when I left the company, the Tietoevry spirit didn’t completely leave me. And yeah, maybe that brought me back."

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