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PPS Business benefit management contributes to the increased ability to steer towards benefits and to initiate the right projects in operations.

The course gives you the PPS definitions and approach regarding business benefit management, as a structured way to manage an entire operation’s development initiative.  You will learn how to define clear expected benefits linked to measurable benefits, which will provide increased security when executing the right business changes. You will also gain insight into the importance of working with business changes, in order to achieve the expected benefit that has been set.  The connections to other parts of the PPS model, such as project and programme management are also clarified.

After the course you will have knowledge regarding:

  • how business benefit management can act as a tool for initiating the right projects in operations
  • the connections between projects, business change activities and benefits
  • the structure for benefit valuation and benefit realisation
  • the roles and responsibilities within business benefit management

Target group
Operations managers, benefit owner, programme owners and people who would like to understand how you ensure that a project leads to a business change and the desired benefit in operations; e.g. project managers, business change managers, controllers and quality managers.

None specific

You will go through the skills mixed with group assignments, discussions and experience-sharing.

Duration of the course
One day

| Business benefit management | Benefit identification | Benefit realisation | Organise business benefit |

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