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Ready to shape the future?

Join an exciting journey, building a brighter future together with 24,000 experts globally. Help businesses and societies meet their full potential – while you are also reaching yours.

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Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at TietoEVRY. With us, you can make your mark and shape the future.

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TietoEVRY Graduate Program

Graduate Program, Nordics

Would you like to start your career at the leading Nordic digital services company? You'll become part of a community of young professionals passionate about shaping the future. Sign up to our Talent Community Friends@TietoEVRY and you'll be the first to know once application opens!

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Shape the future today

Shape the future today

Local proximity, global capabilities

When sailing in rough weather, being on the biggest ship at sea may seem the best option. But you'll soon discover that, unlike smaller ships, it isn’t agile enough to make sharp turns or enter tinier ports. With us, you get the best of both worlds.

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Shape the future today

A community of professionals & friends

Customers want seamless digital solutions and agile teams. With us, they get just that. Our communities are not nurtured by corporate structures, but driven by passionate people at the front line. It’s hard to beat that combination.

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Shape the future today

Right conditions, great opportunities

“Ready to jump off a cliff? Get out of the comfort zone? Sure, but I prefer actually wearing the parachute”. Often these metaphors are used for describing development. But serious companies don’t throw people off cliffs. They have a plan.

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What we do at work

Did you know that you deal with us almost every day? When you withdraw money at an ATM, when you buy a train ticket online, make mobile payments or when you receive a digital message that it is time to pick up a package you have ordered. You have probably used our solutions more than once. The team behind the scenes for these solutions is a large group of strategists, coders, analysts, industry experts and future enthusiasts.

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Let's share the best advice we've ever been given ^^

tietoevry 21 Nov

All the good stuff is staying the same, but there is a new product name! “Simplifying everyday life for schools” has always been and remains our goal, we've changed just one thing: A name. Find out more about the name-update here:

tietoevry 19 Nov

#BossImBack! Employees change jobs for different reasons: gaining new perspective or broadening horizons – however, we are proud to see many of them rejoin us after some time away, and we do welcome them back with open arms! 🤗 Kati Vallittu, one of our #ComeBackers, returned to TietoEVRY as Senior Solution Consultant after some time away. She names work atmosphere and possibilities to challenge oneself in new fields as reasons for her comeback! 🚀 #BackToTietoEVRY

tietoevry 08 Nov

🔐 Cybersecurity aims to ensure that only trusted people and IT systems have the rights to access information, data and applications through different means of communication. What does this mean? Learn more by downloading this guidebook via link in bio 👆 #cybersecurity #cybersecmonth #becybersmart #tietoevry

tietoevry 06 Oct

Listen up! 📢 📢 📢 This is what our soon-to-be tech professionals expect of their future – or at least the road towards it. We promise a next-level experience and the perfect jumpstart to your career.🪂 Psst! There’s still time for you to apply. Do it now via link in bio ⤴️ #TietoEVRYgraduates #career #tietoevry

tietoevry 02 Sep

We are almost at the finish line 🏁 Application to the TietoEVRY Graduate Program is about to close. Have you applied? This is your opportunity to crank digital society up a notch 🏎️ Let's do it together – apply via link in bio! #TietoEVRYPeople #career

tietoevry 24 Aug
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