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Kuidas tekivad ja liiguvad tootmisettevõttes andmed?

Tihti kujuneb probleemiks just erinevate süsteemide vaheline andmevahetus. Tootmises kasutatavad süsteemid on killustatud ning andmeid pole sealt alati võimalik kvaliteetsetena kätte saada.

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Tulevikus saab hoone energiamärgist koostada koduomanik ise

Kui seni on hoone energiamärgise koostamine olnud vastava kvalifikatsiooniga spetsialistide mängumaa, siis tulevikus tekib võimalus energimärgist arvutada ka koduomanikul endal.

Koroonakriis lükkas digiriigi silotornid kõikuma

E-riiki saaks palju efektiivsemalt juhtida, kui suured otsused tehtaks keskselt ja selgelt, mitte lihtsalt soovituslike juhenditena. Killustumise probleem on eriti teravalt tõusnud praeguses tervisekriisis, kus isegi erinevate haiglate ja perearstide andmekogud ei suuda omavahel suhelda.

EasyFS® pangandustarkvara

Pakume spetsiaalselt Balti turule väljatöötatud lahendust, mille on valinud mitmed Skandinaavia juhtivad pangad. EasyFS® võimaldab pakkuda klientide vajadustel põhinevaid, isikupärastatud ja suure lisandväärtusega pangandus- ja liisinguteenuseid.

Elu TietoEVRYs

🎧 Radio 🎧 - How important is the wellbeing of employees and how is it connected with the productivity of the whole company? - How important is to have the company values reflect the actual situation and behaviour? - How to map and implement company values in an international company with 24 000 employees? . Our HR manager Sigrid spoke on these and many more topics in Äripäev radio. Check out the link in bio to listen to the program! . #tietoevryee #values #wellbeing

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👉 SUMMER OFFICE X EERO 👈 My remote office is at my summer home near Otepää. 💻 The most important thing is that I have a separated space to work. It is not possible to concentrate if someone is at the same table painting (and you need to make sure that the paint does not land on your computer), someone is slurping soup and someone is requesting to turn up the volume for the cartoons. 💻 A remote office tip is to have strong self-discipline. Last spring when all of us moved to home offices, the productivity was super high, but at some point the motivation dropped a lot. I had to grow my self-discipline a lot and by now it is a lot easier. Also it helps to set rules with people under the same roof to respect the home office. If I have a meeting then it's not okay to yell behind the door that lunch is ready or where someones phone charger is. :) 💻 In the summer I don't plan to travel, but also not to hang out in the hammock either. 💻 Fun fact: My family is a part of organizing summer camps so at least 2 weeks of my vacation I will be spending at Nõiariik with 80 children. Not sure if it will classify as vacation or not :) . #tietoevryee #ourpeople #remotework #homeoffice

tietoevryee 20 juuli

⭐ Acknowledgement! ⭐ ☘️ Did we mention that we applied for the Responsible Business Index? We highly value our business sustainability, giving back to the community and deeply care about the environment. ☘️ The Responsible Business Index is a great tool for assessing the effectiveness of our CSR activities and we are super proud that we were acknowledged with the bronze level certificate! ☘️ #tietoevryee #csr #vastutustundlikuettevõtlusefoorum

tietoevryee 15 juuli

👉 SUMMER OFFICE X KATRIN 👈 My remote office is at my home, in Männiku. 💻 The most important thing is that I am comfortable to work, so a decent table, chair and monitors. Working in the couch is cozy but my neck and back don't like it in the long run :) 💻 What is important to me is that I have my own office corner and when the workday ends, I can step away from it and spend my free time elsewhere. While working from home I like to step outside and take a short walk in the woods. 💻 In the summer I plan to paint and go out of the city. If it's possible to travel, I'd visit a nearby capital like Helsinki, Stockholm or Riga. 💻 Fun fact: I have a shoebox cover on my table because my cat Rambo wants to chill on the table, not letting me use my keyboard. Now he is very comfortable in the "box" and I can work beside him :) . #tietoevryee #ourpeople #remotework #homeoffice

tietoevryee 13 juuli

🤩 Summer intern: Linda Katariina 🤩 ⭐️ I'm studying Data Science at Tartu University. After seeing the internship offer for the EasyFS core banking team I did some background research and knew that it was a company where I wanted to apply to. Now I'm already an official employee in TietoEVRY :) ⭐️ Mainly I helped with backlog refinement, but I also got to try testing and documentation writing. After my internship I have continued working in a hybrid role - system analyst-test engineer. ⭐️ At first there was a lot of new information and a bit hard to navigate, but I had a great team who helped me. I like that I can work in an international team and I also like working in Scrum method, which is pretty new to me. ⭐️I was supposed to have only one internship instructor, but I had a lot of nice people around to help me settle in and introducing different tools and assignments. As everyone in the team is a lot more experienced than I am, I have a lot to learn from them! ⭐️I would recommend internship in TietoEVRY to someone ambitious and independent, who is not afraid to ask questions. As you are included in real projects from day one you need to adopt fast and be a quick learner. ⭐️ For a long time I was in athletics specializing in javelin throw, but now I mainly do hobby sports. I like running in the woods, work out in a gym, yoga and walking in beautiful places. I also really like to watch movies. :) . #tietoevryee #ourpeople #internship

tietoevryee 08 juuli

☀️ Summertime! ☀️ . This is how excited we are that the long awaited summer is finally here and most of us will have our well-deserved vacations to recharge after this crazy first half of 2021! . By the way, meanwhile we had a birthday and turned 27! Here is exactly 27 of us (and some smaller companions) to celebrate the occasion! . Happy birthday to all of us and may all of you have the most magnificent summer! . #tietoevry #ourpeople #teambuilding #summer #birthday #27

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