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TietoEVRY tahab 9 aastaga jõuda naiste ja meeste võrdse osakaaluni töötajaskonnas

Aastaks 2030 on kavas jõuda selleni, et pooled töötajaskonnast oleksid naised. IT-ettevõttena on seda eesmärki keerulisem saavutada, ent juba tänaseks on ettevõtte töötajaskonnast naisterahvad 27%.

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Tulevikus saab hoone energiamärgist koostada koduomanik ise

Kui seni on hoone energiamärgise koostamine olnud vastava kvalifikatsiooniga spetsialistide mängumaa, siis tulevikus tekib võimalus energimärgist arvutada ka koduomanikul endal.

Koroonakriis lükkas digiriigi silotornid kõikuma

E-riiki saaks palju efektiivsemalt juhtida, kui suured otsused tehtaks keskselt ja selgelt, mitte lihtsalt soovituslike juhenditena. Killustumise probleem on eriti teravalt tõusnud praeguses tervisekriisis, kus isegi erinevate haiglate ja perearstide andmekogud ei suuda omavahel suhelda.

EasyFS® pangandustarkvara

Pakume spetsiaalselt Balti turule väljatöötatud lahendust, mille on valinud mitmed Skandinaavia juhtivad pangad. EasyFS® võimaldab pakkuda klientide vajadustel põhinevaid, isikupärastatud ja suure lisandväärtusega pangandus- ja liisinguteenuseid.

Elu TietoEVRYs

Say hi to Anne-Mai! 🤚 🏊 Winter swimmer - started last year, normally swims at Tallinn Winter Swimming Center in Pirita. Started this year with a swim at Mukri bog! Pictures are taken on 31.12.2020 and 1.01.2021. 🧩 Calligraphy, puzzles and origami - likes to do things with her hands, for example started at a calligraphy course. Enjoys large puzzles, 1000-1500 pieces. Has made several decorations to the office. 💪 Women's voluntary defence organization - has been a member for 4 years and been twice to the defence forces parade. Especially liked the experience of catering at Tallinn Song and Dancy party! 📖 Favourite book: currently leading Outlander novel series by Diana Gabaldon and loving it! 🎮 Favourite computer game: I remember playing Need for Speed for a couple of hundred times when I was younger and I really liked an Iceage game where Sid had to slide and collect icecubes :) . #tietoevryee #diversityenriches

tietoevryee Eile

Say hi to Janek! 🤚 🎒 Hiker - has gone through most of the bogs and trails in Northern Estonia, recommends Kõnnu bog. Normally goes hiking overnight. Longest hike has been 45km in Koli nature park, Finland. 🌳 Green energy and robotics - envisions a future where all the energy is produced and food is grown automatically at his home. 👽 Sci-fi and mystery - prepares for the zombie apocalypse by watching sci-fi and mystery shows such as NCIS, Derbis, Arrow, True Blood, Dark Matter and etc. 🎧 Favourite podcast: everything by Jordan Peterson! . #tietoevryee #diversityenriches

tietoevryee 11 mai

Say hi to Kertu! ✋ 🌎 Traveler - enjoys countries with the possibility to hike in the mountains 📸 Photographer - while hiking, always has the camera with her, also testing out macro-photography 🏃‍♀️ Runner - took up running from the beginning of 2021, already loving it! ⛵️ Sailor - has learned sailing for the past years thanks to her partner, who is a huge fan 📖 Favourite book: Remarque's "All Quiet on the Western Front", from last reads would recommend Delia Owen's "Where the Crawdads Sing" and Fredrik Backman's "Anxious People" 🖱 Favourite computer game: Colin McRae rally was the favourite when younger, but as didn't have her own, had to visit a friend to play it :) . #tietoevryee #diversityenriches

tietoevryee 06 mai

Say hi to Raul! ✋ 🏂 Snowboarder - goes to Alps to snowboard every year for the past 10+ years 🕺 Dancer - has been practicing Argentine tango for over 7 years 📸 Photographer - nature is beautiful! 📖 Favourite book: Asimov's "Foundation" and "Robots" series and Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" 🖱 Favourite computer game: Sid Meier's "Civilization" . #tietoevryee #diversityenriches

tietoevryee 04 mai

⭐ Spring Moving Challenge ⭐ Total hours moved: 837,74h Did you know that this is equal to 35 whole days? Our most favourite modes of moving were walking, cycling, running and home workouts. Moving makes us happy, swipe to see some great takes by our awesome movers! . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople #movingchallenge

tietoevryee 03 mai

⭐️ Spring moving challenge - Vesa ⭐️ Mode of moving: walking and running 🚶🏃 What's your secret? I take walks between 8-20km each day in variable settings, mostly in the forest or at health trails. I also like to go running, in my opinion Nõmme-Harku health trails are the best for that. As I work in 24/7, I don't have a specific moving routine, so I go whenever I get the chance. 🙂 Motivation? The challenge is motivating and keeps me going every day. 😁 #tietoevryee #ourpeople #movingchallenge

tietoevryee 26 apr
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