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TietoEVRY Eestis

5 nippi, kuidas saavutada töö- ja eraelu tasakaal

Meie praktika TietoEVRYs on näidanud, et ei ole vahet, kas töötad kodus või kontoris, kui võtad arvesse viit aspekti, mis toetavad töö ja eraelu tasakaalu ning nii ka töötajate tervise hoidmist.

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Tulevikus saab hoone energiamärgist koostada koduomanik ise

Kui seni on hoone energiamärgise koostamine olnud vastava kvalifikatsiooniga spetsialistide mängumaa, siis tulevikus tekib võimalus energimärgist arvutada ka koduomanikul endal.

Koroonakriis lükkas digiriigi silotornid kõikuma

E-riiki saaks palju efektiivsemalt juhtida, kui suured otsused tehtaks keskselt ja selgelt, mitte lihtsalt soovituslike juhenditena. Killustumise probleem on eriti teravalt tõusnud praeguses tervisekriisis, kus isegi erinevate haiglate ja perearstide andmekogud ei suuda omavahel suhelda.

EasyFS® pangandustarkvara

Pakume spetsiaalselt Balti turule väljatöötatud lahendust, mille on valinud mitmed Skandinaavia juhtivad pangad. EasyFS® võimaldab pakkuda klientide vajadustel põhinevaid, isikupärastatud ja suure lisandväärtusega pangandus- ja liisinguteenuseid.

Elu TietoEVRYs

Time to see the colleagues face to face! Last week one of our project teams had a great bog hike with Romet Vaino in Raplamaa! . #tietoevryee #teamevent #teambuilding #boghikeestonia

tietoevryee 1 h

It's time to refresh our current space and move into a more modern office setup - activity based workplace! 🎉 . We have asked feedback from all our people on what is important for them in the office. We can say that future offices are seen as sustainable collaboration hubs. ✨ . Activity-based working is a form of flexible working which means that the office is divided into sections such as for focused working, phone calls, group work and of course - chill-out! ✌️ . Now we will start the process from moving our office space (just between floors, as we still like our current location in Tammsaare Business Centre) and we want to take you to this awesome journey! Who's with us? 🖐️ . #tietoevryee #activitybasedworking #freshoffice

tietoevryee 11 juuni

Programming is our future. Everyone should learn to code, at least on a basic level. And is here to help you. And we are here to help Smartcod! ✨ Excited to announce our partnership with Smartcod, who are here with a purpose - to help people who are looking for new job opportunities in IT, providing expert-led courses that have been specifically designed for the Estonian tech-jobs. ✨ They also provide graduates with the access to a graduate success program and internship possibilities, so if you go through the coding school and we are a good match, we might meet at TietoEVRY already soon! ✨ #tietoevryee #smartcodee #partnership #career

tietoevryee 09 juuni

Daytrip to Naissaare - ✔️ . For more than a year we haven't met in bigger groups and this weekend was finally the time when some of us got together and visited the awesome Naissaar!📍 . The weather was superb for a boat ride and to have a van safari to explore the ruins of Peter the Great's Maritime Fortress and to peak into the underground tunnels. 🧐 . To make things more safer, we will have not one but two trips to the island! Here's to hoping that the weather will be just as great next weekend! ☀️ . #tietoevryee #ourpeople #teamevent #naissaar

tietoevryee 07 juuni

🚲 World Bicycle Day! 🚲 From our Spring Moving Challenge we learned once more that bicycle is one of the favourite modes of moving for our people. 🚲 Did you know that bike trips are a traditional part of our summerdays? This means that people who want to take part, start already a day (or two) earlier to bike from Tallinn all the way to the location of our summerdays, doesn't matter if its to Saaremaa, Pärnu or Toosikannu! 💪 🚲 Our people have taken part of various bicycle marathons and have even brought home medals - true dedication! 🚲 To support our bikers we have produced our own branded biking clothes to make sure our bikers wear the best gear to support them on wheels! 🚲 This month we launched our Summer Move Challenge and we are expecting to see thousands of kilometres produced by all of our bicycle friends! 🚲 #tietoevryee #ourpeople #worldbicycleday #bicycle

tietoevryee 03 juuni

Say hi to Kati! 🤚 ✈️ Traveling - cannot wait until the world opens up to travel again! Furthest places have been USA, China and Hong Kong. 🚴‍♀️ Biking - loves to commute via bike if the weather allows. Most awesome bike ride has been over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. 🎶 Music - started to learn the electric guitar last year! 🎧 Favourite podcasts: Investeerimisklubi, Täitsa Pekkis, Motley Fool Money and npr Life Kit. 📚 Favourite book: Harry Potter, currently listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck. 🎮 Favourite computer games: Supaplex and Sniper Elite 4, currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. . #tietoevryee #diversityenriches

tietoevryee 31 mai
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