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PPS Portfolio management

Prioritise and plan business initiatives

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PPS Portfolio management

Prioritise and plan business initiatives


PPS Portfolio management contributes to the increased ability to manage project portfolios and, by that, increase benefit in operations.

You will learn how to valuate the contribution of a project initiative towards the operations objective and learn how to prioritise, to then, starting out from the resource capability, plan the portfolio and manage changes to it. You will learn about the management model for portfolios and the course will give you access to skills, checklists and templates that can be used for everyday management. You will also get insight into alternative ways to organise the work, depending on your type of business.

After the course you will have knowledge regarding:

  • weighing projects against strategic objectives
  • prioritising and optimising a project portfolio
  • monitoring and managing changes in a portfolio
  • organising portfolio management based on the needs

Target group
People who have a decision-making, preparatory or administrative role in a project portfolio and operations managers who wish to improve the management of the development initiative.

PPS Step 1 or similar.

You will go through the skills mixed with group assignments, discussions and experience-sharing.

Duration of the course
One day

| Projects and programmes | Overview PPS –Portfolio management | Decision points (project) | Model for portfolio management | Multi-project, organisation | Project management office | Portfolio | Business benefit management | Benefit realisation | Stakeholder analysis | Information distribution | Compilation of needs, portfolio | Prioritisation, portfolio | Optimisation, portfolio | Implementation, portfolio | Monitoring, portfolio |

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