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Climate change is creating greater risk – and may affect the financing of companies

The transition to greener and more sustainable societies is one of the major changes that all businesses need to undergo in order to meet consumers’ and society’s requirements and expectations.

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Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

A simple change in recruitment ads significantly increased women applicants

By changing gendered content in our job ads, we were able to increase the percentage of women applicants by 32%. This is part of our efforts of achieving a 50/50 gender split by 2030.

Time to find out how a regulated business can benefit from public cloud

Finnish pension insurance company, Ilmarinen chose public cloud for the next step of their customer-centric and security-first strategy. They decided to move 70 % of their workload into public cloud to increase efficiency and business transformation. 

Striking a balance between gut feeling and data

TietoEVRY’s 360° Training and Wellbeing service platform processes data on coaching, training, sleep quality and stress levels, and Käpylän Pallo's youth football team works as our test group.

Virtual Reality psychotherapy to improve accessibility to mental health services

We believe technologies should bring value to society. The collaboration between mental health professionals and our XR experts will greatly benefit children, adolescents and their families in Latvia.

Would you like to start your career at the leading Nordic digital services company?

You'll become part of a community of young professionals passionate about shaping the future. Sign up to our Talent Community Friends@TietoEVRY and you'll be the first to know once the application to our Nordic Graduate Program opens!

What's up at TietoEVRY

Rune Kilstad give a quick overview of the different types of #Cloud solutions including cost and maintenance. ‣Public Cloud ‣Private Cloud ‣Hybrid Cloud ‣Multi-Cloud

From idea to operating #bank in only 10 months. With world-class #DevOps and #cloud capabilities, anything is possible. See how TietoEVRY helped @BulderBank establish itself as a major player on the #Norwegian financial market. #financialServices

💡 72% of respondents believed that #socialmedia would in the future have a greater impact on young people’s #identity building. But only 24% wanted this to be the case. ⬇️

"It was fantastic actually", said Pavel Vakhnin, CIO, @segezhagroup when TietoEVRY transferred the #data flows to the next level in forty minutes. Watch the video to know more! #businessrenewal #segezha #pulpandpaper #manufacturingexecutionsystem

[#WealthManagement Trends 2021💰 ] According to the BCG study (2020), #women control 32% of the world’s #wealth and are adding $5 trillion to the wealth pool globally every year - faster than in past years. Read more on @sameerdatye's blog below ⬇️

[🔍ISG Provider Lens™ report 2021] Both global and #Nordics-based companies have been investing in building large, carbon-neutral #DataCenters for managed hosting services in the region. find our more insights in the report ⬇️ #HybridCloud @ISG_News

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