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Brighter future. Together.

We currently serve customers in 90 countries. For us, diversity and inclusion are fundamental in driving innovation forward. Our latest social initiative, The Polite Type, fights cyberbullying.

Get to know The Polite Type

Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

What makes a great automation solution? Our take on the five selection criteria

Whereas intelligent automation solutions help to reduce the costs of IT operations by 20-30%, the potential benefit is easily multi-fold when extending automation to support functions and business processes. Our ambition is to be fully equipped to deliver automation benefits for our Nordic customers.  

Hybrid cloud becoming the new normal

ISG Provider Lens™ report finds more than half of all Nordic companies looking to move to a multi-cloud environment. 

Four fun apps to boost connection with colleagues

Life is beginning to go back to the normal we know. Businesses are reopening their offices, and some of us are already getting back to our desks. What drives your motivation?

Interim Report 2/2020: Strong operational performance

"We are pleased to report a good quarter in a demanding environment, supported by our successful measures to adjust for the impact of Covid-19 and ensure the well-being of our employees," said our CEO Kimmo Alkio on Q2 result.

What's up at TietoEVRY

From being the new oil, in many respects, #data starts to resemble a commodity – or even a publicly owned utility. Read Dmitry's blog and learn, how the role of data changes and what challenges this transformation brings 👉

What are the #benefits of #RequestToPay to consumers, #banks and merchants? Find out in the latest blog by Sami Uski:

When our everyday life changes, so does our need for #services and #solutions. Here are a few examples on how new functionalities and solutions recently made their ways into society👉🏻:

What are the six key benefits when changing from monolith to microservices architecture? Farrah Farooq shares her tips and passion for microservices in her latest blog post 👩‍💻 #DevOps #APIOps #cloud

Greetings from China Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce (CPICC) and Shanghai International Pulp Week 2020 where TietoEVRY was one of the keynote speakers. Read about our services: #pulpindustry #pulpandpaper #paperindustry

Comprehensive utilization of #data helps to boost the performance of top athletes in Finland. Read experiences of the successful collaboration project between the Finnish Olympic Committee, TietoEVRY and Polar! @Olympiakomitea @PolarGlobal @Sitrafund

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