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Tietoevry Care

Tietoevry Care provides software solutions integrating the care value chain and the right insights in the right context putting citizens and patients at the center of modern health and social care.

Modernizing Nordic health and care

Tietoevry Care is modernizing the Nordic health and social care sector with modular, open, and interoperable software. We put citizens and patients at the center, simplifying everyday life for all, and providing the tools required to transition towards increased self-and preventive care and lower cost-of-care settings. ​

Our solutions are designed for people, creating world-class user experiences, enabling collaboration between health & care professionals, citizens, patients and colleagues, and enhancing the quality of work and job satisfaction. We make health and care more efficient, consistent, and accurate by streamlining care pathways with process support, automation and data-driven and AI-assisted tools.​

Tietoevry Care is driving digitalization and innovation, making it easy for our customers and partners to develop new applications and reduce complexity. We do this by providing a stable and secure option of SaaS-based delivery in a hybrid-cloud context, coupled with managed services. ​

Ari Järvelä

Managing Director, Tietoevry Care

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With Tietoevry Care you'll be part of building solutions for healthcare and social care professionals and enable them to spend more time on what really matters - human connection. Join us in building a more caring future!​

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