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Digital education portfolio

Our innovative digital education solutions simplify everyday life, providing a great user experience for everyone involved, from guardians, teachers and school management to decisionmakers.

Modernizing school solutions

Tietoevry is a leading provider of digital services and software and has for many years provided management solutions for schools. Our goal is to constantly develop functional solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Edlevo, Tietoevry's complete management system for schools, offers user-friendly and innovative solutions for administrators, teachers, school management, students and guardians. Our smart functions simplify everyday life and make it possible to work effectively with all aspects of school organisation, from scheduling and the learning environment, to registering grades and communicating with guardians. All in the same system, from preschool to adult education.

Edlevo is a seamless system that is easy to use, secure, compliant with legislation, designed to meet today's needs and support municipalities with digitization. It is built on a base registry with basic functions, and a range of additional options, services and functions in order to build an management system that suits our customers' wishes. Within Edlevo, it is possible to modify settings on a personal and organizational level, making the operating system as flexible and adaptable as possible.

Lars Åström

Head of Education Nordic, Tietoevry

Discover how we can help


Make sure your municipality has the right digital school solution, enabling better decision-making and a more efficient educational system.

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School Management

Transform your education administration with a unified school management system that saves time and ensures access to secure and high-quality data throughout the entire process.

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Move away from an administration-focused learning environment to one that lets teachers and educators spend more time helping students succeed.

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Students & Guardians

Guardians and students need an easy way to communicate with teachers and school staff and get an overview of real-time and relevant educational information.

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"Simplifying everyday life for schools” has always been and remains our goal, we've changed just one thing: A product name.

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