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How to join us

Our company is growing and we are always looking for great people to join us. That said, when you are in the ‘great people’ business, you need the people process to be equally great. From a recruitment process perspective, this means treating your time with the upmost respect and ensuring that whether you leave the process with a job or not, you’d return – either as a candidate or a client. Below, you’ll find the most common route to a career with us. However, depending on the role, this journey might differ.

Recruitment Team

1. Discover & Apply

Found the job you came for? Great! We’ll get in touch soon! Can’t find an available position? Check our our Talent community in Sweden and Norway, Friends @TietoEVRY, and stay updated on upcoming events and jobs. Sign up below on the page.

2. Invitation to interview

Whether you apply for a CEO or Graduate position, we always strive to provide you with a swift reply. Our goal is that you should have a response from us within a week of the application’s end-date. We are super excited about the volume of applications we receive. However, this also means we can’t be as personal with all of you as we would like tobe. So, if your application didn’t make it, and you want details on what was missing, reach out!

3. First interview

We are strong believers in company culture and values, as well as the impact it has on our business success. Therefore, our very first interview will place focus on your personality. Why did you choose us? What makes you tick? You personality and how it can add value to our culture is way more important than you knowing all the techy stuff. Seriously.

4. Test

‘Testing? Really? I’ve heard that’s fake?’ Well, depends on what tests are being used. Also, the word ’test’ has a certain ring to it and, for many, it’s not a very pleasant ring. First and foremost, it is key to have a process that is objective, fair and unbiased. One way of achieving this is by gamifying the test. True story.

More about game-based tests

5. Second interview

Well done! During the second interview, you might be introduced to other people – perhaps future colleagues, managers from neighbouring teams and/or senior management. The second interview usually has a more technical focus and sometimes you are presented with a case to solve. If you’ve done a test, your results will be presented. Whether or not you get to continue from here, seize the opportunity to learn something new about yourself!

6. Reference & background check

We take great pride in adopting the latest in HR tech. In order to make the reference checking process streamlined and structured –and more reliable– we use an automated reference software package. Also, we are a business-to business-company, meaning our clients expect full transparency. Let’s face it: you wouldn’t let anyone into your cyber security infrastructure without knowing the person first, right? This makes background checks necessary.

7. Offer

The paperwork is done! Now, let’s do this! Your start date might be a few weeks from now, but let’s not waste any time. We know you are eager to get going and we want to equip you with the right tools. On the first day, our ambition is that navigating a 24,000-person company should feel like navigating a 240-person company. This is one of the objectives of our online pre-boarding. Agility is one of our key competitive advantages, after all.

8. Welcome

Your start date is finally here, and we are all looking forward to getting you settled. We continue your onboarding journey with a combination of company onboarding days and hands on activities with your new team. Through this setup we provide you with the initial insight and connections to grow your career in TietoEVRY.

Stay updated through our Friends @TietoEVRY community! 


Can’t find an available position? Let us help you. Whether we can provide you with the last few pieces of the ‘do I want to work for TietoEVRY?’ puzzle, or simply keep you updated on job openings, Friends of TietoEVRY is the community to join. Tailor your interests and receive crisp updates, putting you one step closer to a career with us.


Stay updated on events and open jobs in Sweden through 'Friends @TietoEVRY'.

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Stay updated on events and open jobs in Norway through our 'Friends @TietoEVRY'- community.

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Data makes a difference, and that’s why we want to share these facts. Partnering with #Pride is a small gesture but it carries a greater symbolic value – to truly build #diversity and #inclusion as key strengths of the company culture, requires work from all of us. There can be no equal opportunities if difference is not valued, harnessed and taken account of. We want to create opportunities for everyone to flourish and grow. What can we all do to make diversity a reality?

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We believe data makes a difference, and are proud to partner with #Pride2021 to promote openness, trust and #diversity. We need to retain new talent and offer them an environment where they can prosper as they are. Through speaking openly and standing with #Pride, we support an important cause and walk the talk. What are you doing to support diversity and inclusion?

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