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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe in embracing the power of diverse minds.

People - the key to success

We work hard to create a culture based on continuous learning, diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe employing a truly eclectic mix of people – looking beyond sex, gender identity, nationality, religion, beliefs system, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, union membership or social or ethnic origin.

For us, diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental in the creation of an inspirational workplace and being different is how we drive innovation forwards.

We do not see equality as something to be achieved once and for all and then forgotten. Instead, it is an evolving process. We actively work with partners in the business and wider communities to foster equality in both the workplace and society at large.

Ida Bohman Steenberg

Chief Sustainability Officer

Diversity, equity and inclusion at work

Diversity & inclusion charter

Diversity and inclusion are key elements shaping our culture. Innovation often builds on a variety of perspectives gained from different people with a variety of backgrounds.

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Collaborate, include and grow

We promote an inclusive workplace where differences are welcome and respected, where different ideas and perspectives are expressed and listened to, where each employee finds a sense of belonging and has an equal opportunity to grow. Almost 700 employees have undergone bias training.

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