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Meet the future of healthcare technology

Get comprehensive, modular healthcare solutions and services that meet tomorrow's challenges today.

A holistic healthcare approach

When care providers can see all of a patient’s information in one easy-to-access platform they are able to make informed decisions and deliver better care and measurable results. Smart technology also allows patients to easily access their own information, which in turn empowers them to take an active role in their own health and wellbeing.

Let us guide you in implementing our open data solutions that encourages and supports innovation in the healthcare system to deliver the best possible healthcare services for people.

Jani Rahko

Head of Health Suite

What's happening within healthcare

A smoother patient journey with production management

Production management enables easier and more efficient real-time planning and outlining of resources.

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Uppsala University Hospital creates higher quality of care with a new digital tool

DiViS, a digital tool used to visualize the coordination of care units and to organize the work of a hospital department.

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No rush to connect the IT systems of health and social services

The most important thing is to ensure the smooth usage of information.

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Lifecare Speech Recognition

Lifecare Speech Recognition converts speech into text in real time, freeing time for patient care

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