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PPS Programme management

Manage projects, business changes and realise the expected benefits

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PPS Programme management

Manage projects, business changes and realise the expected benefits


PPS Programme management contributes to the increased ability to manage programmes.

The course gives you the PPS definitions and approach regarding a programme, as an excellent method to coordinate projects and business change activities, the aim being to achieve an expected benefit. You will learn the management model and roles in the programme, and we will explain the relation between the programme and the operations objective. The course will give you access to skills and templates that can be used for everyday management.

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After the course you will have knowledge regarding:

  • when it is appropriate that a project and related line activities are organised in a programme
  • to define and delimit a programme’s commitment
  • to identify, valuate and realise benefits
  • to lead a business change
  • planning and monitoring a programme’s commitment
  • roles and responsibilities in a programme organisation

Target group
Programme managers, business change manager, programme owners and operations managers who will execute the business change within the framework of a programme and/or who wish to understand how extensive and complex business changes can be organised and managed.

Experience and knowledge of project management. PPS Portfolio management is recommended as a complement, in order to get in-depth knowledge about managing a project portfolio within a programme.

You will go through the PPS model for programme management step by step using templates and skills. You will also go through the skills mixed with group assignments and discussions. The course set-up and execution allows time for experience-sharing between the participants.

Duration of the course
One day

| PPS Programme management overview | Programme management model | Decisions in programmes | Programme objective | Benefit identification | Benefit valuation | Benefit realisation | Lead business change | Prepare business change | Communicate business change | Create business change | Programme planning | Programme monitoring | Programme organisation |

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