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PPS Agile

Agile and projects in synergy


What happens to the projects when the organisation want to start working agile?
Are projects needed if there are self-organising teams?
How can we make it work together?

The project work is affected in organisations that carry out an agile transformation. The PPS Agile course provides knowledge about what agile work really is and what it entails. You will learn about agile principles, how to produce and deliver according to agile work models and how to organise and plan an agile project.

PPS Agile

PPS and agile shares the same view
PPS, as well as agile, has a focus on delivering value to the customer with a result oriented approach.

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  • Overview PPS-agile perspective
  • Working according to agile
  • Agile planning and monitoring
  • Agile roles and project roles
  • Business and agile projects

After the course you will have knowledge about:

  • What it means to work agile in projects
  • How PPS and agile methods work together
  • Planning for agile project work
  • Agile roles and project roles
  • Project in an established agile organisation
  • Business agreements for agile work

Target group
Anybody who wants to understand how agile work and PPS can work together

Basic knowledge about project work and agile work

The course is based on presentations and team work. There are plenty of room for discussions.

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One day

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If you are interested in this course contact us.

The course can be held internally in your organisation

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