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Young professionals | TietoEVRY India

Would you like to start your career at the leading global digital services company? You will become part of a community of professionals passionate about shaping the future.

We strive to bring in thoughtful minds and offer them endless opportunities to jumpstart their career. We help young entrants find suitable roles that will help them grow, learn and lead. We have invested heavily in building an extensive talent pool of professionals in a variety of roles. Together, we believe in creating a workforce where all individuals feel valued and bring their fullest to work.

Recruitment Team

Graduate Program


There are several exciting opportunities for you as a new engineering and management graduate at TietoEVRY. But, as we all know, those years spent gaining valuable knowledge at school doesn't always answer the question of ’what do you want to do in life?’ 

Our graduate programs allow young professionals to begin their careers with unmatched learning opportunities. To seek self-driven talented professionals, we conduct extensive on-campus and off-campus graduate programs every year.

You will be well taken care of, no matter what.

Other than gaining valuable experience, all candidates receive full coaching, exciting networking events with others just like you and support from colleagues. You get to work together with your colleagues on challenging projects and have excellent opportunities for development through our competency and career model. To understand and really thrive in the role, we believe that you are a driven person with a desire to learn and share your knowledge with others. You are outgoing, have strong relationship skills and enjoy working in close collaboration with customers.

Meet our people

Shraddha Raju, Software Engineer

"I joined TietoEVRY as a fresher from Campus batch, it's been over a year that I have been here and I have already got multiple opportunities to enhance my technical skills and self-confidence. My team has always supported and encouraged me in all aspects. I am thankful to my team and TietoEVRY."

Aysha Minaz, Associate Business Analyst

"At present I am working as a Trainee Business Analyst at TietoEVRY. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many teams and mentors, who have helped me build necessary skills and explore more in the domain. The best things about working at TietoEVRY are the amazing work culture, flexibility, the little fun activities we have and engagement with our colleagues; all these bring a lot of positivity in one’s working style."

Take a peek behind the scenes

Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at TietoEVRY. With us, you can make your mark and shape the future. Join now for a #Brighterfuture

tietoevryin Yesterday

Tech Utsav 2021 - @tietoevry TietoEVRY India's flagship technology event on February 12, 2021. Let us come together in celebrating ideas, knowledge and innovation ! Read more and stay tuned for more updates. #Brighterfuture

tietoevryin 05 Jan

Congratulations to Hemant Chavan, Senior Security Consultant, @tietoevry TietoEVRY India, for winning the NextCSO 2020 award! #NextCSO is an annual awards and recognition program instituted by the CSO Forum magazine, which aims to identify 18 experienced senior executives and managers who have the skills, ability and motivation to become Chief Information Security Officers (CSOs). The NextCSO award is given to honour India’s future security leaders, selected after a complex and rigorous evaluation, which includes assessment of academic achievements, length and quality of work experience, certifications, supervisor and referee feedbacks and psychometric test scores, and an interview with a prestigious committee of information security leaders that form the jury panel. The CSO forum magazine is a community-led and community-driven platform, which draws on peer engagement and collective wisdom, to promote best practices and set benchmarks on corporate security issues. #BrighterFuture

tietoevryin 29 Dec

NASSCOM - #IndustryVeteranSpeaks - Accelerating Digital Transformation With the global COVID -19 pandemic, 2020 has pushed organizations to find new ways of doing business and fit into the new normal. Emerging technologies like #Robotics, #ArtificialIntelligence, and #Analytics, among other technologies, have played a key role in helping enterprises navigate through this crisis and, as an outcome, drive innovation for the greater good. At @tietoevry , as early adopters, we have enabled resilient models for digital transformation journey in conducting business that have redefined workplace functions and the business landscape. Read more on our digitization journey from Rajnish Mohan in an article published in NASSCOM's recent newsletter. @nasscom_in

tietoevryin 24 Dec

Congratulations to Ipsita Ansumala, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, and Debangshu Ghose, Project Manager (Project Excellence), from Cloud & Infra, TietoEVRY India for winning the Next 100 CIO award for 2020! NEXT100 is an annual awards program instituted by ITNext magazine and the 9.9 Group to identify 100 experienced IT managers who have the skills, talent and spirit to become a CIO. A prestigious committee of experienced technology and business leaders form the NEXT100 jury, who select the Next100 CIO award recipients after a thorough review and evaluation of career accomplishments, professional expertise, skills and potential. #congratulations #Brighterfuture

tietoevryin 22 Dec

During this exceptional year digital solutions have shown their value in many ways: we have been able to access services remotely and connect with people safely. Thank you for collaboration this year! Together with our societal partners, we at Tieto EVRY are inviting everyone to make the online world safer and more inclusive. If you would like to join the movement, visit We wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year! #happyholidays #tietoevry #seasonsgreetings

tietoevryin 18 Dec
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