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Tietoevry launches a Sustainability Pledge to guide and accelerate the company’s sustainability performance for 2024 and beyond

Building on the company’s sustainability plan 2021–2023, the regulatory landscape as well as the evolution apparent and anticipated in the world, Tietoevry has launched a Sustainability Pledge.

21 March 2024

With the pledge, Tietoevry commits to accelerate the company’s sustainability performance from 2024 onwards in three pillars: climate action, ethical conduct and social impact.

Each of the three pillars of the pledge contains several areas with time-bound, measurable targets and road maps to reach them. The areas under climate action are energy management, carbon emissions and circular economy. The areas under ethical conduct are data privacy, cybersecurity, responsible AI, and business ethics, values and integrity. The areas under social impact are diversity, equity and inclusion and human rights and labour rights.  

“We are pleased to announce Tietoevry taking this next step towards fostering a more sustainable future, in a world that is changing record-fast and profoundly in many ways. Through embracing the Sustainability Pledge, Tietoevry can both build for the future as well as adapt in the ever-changing landscape we operate in. We have seen events and reports like never before during our lifetime in the past few years: climate change the covid-pandemic and the war in Ukraine, for example. We need to be increasingly resilient and flexible, yet not at the cost of compromising on the foundational work that is needed for example to meet the climate ambitions. Tietoevry’s Sustainability Pledge is built for that”, comments Tietoevry’s Chief Sustainability Officer Ida Bohman Steenberg.  

Tietoevry’s sustainability commitments 

Each of the areas under the three pillars of Tietoevry’s Sustainability Pledge were defined through a double materiality analysis during 2023 as required by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting act (CSRD). The areas have time-bound, measurable targets. When Tietoevry achieves a target, it will develop new ones to accelerate the performance of the area at hand. In addition, new targets for the respective areas will be developed to meet changes in the surrounding world and internal developments.  

“We are currently living a highly transformative evolution cycle. For example, artificial intelligence is brought into our sustainability pledge as a focus area, as there is a clear need to work on it in a responsible way. AI will not be the last cycle of societal evolution, and we are prepared to adapt accordingly”, Bohman Steenberg says.  

Tietoevry’s commitments within the three pillars of the Sustainability Pledge are the following: 

Climate action, areas carbon emission, environmental management and circular economy:  

  • We ensure environmentally sustainable operations 

  • We strive for a carbon neutral footprint across our value chain 

  • We drive the development towards a circular economy in own operations and through solutions and services 

Targets for climate action: 

  • Carbon neutral in own operations by 2026 

  • 100% circularity - internal and customer hardware 

Ethical conduct, areas data privacy, cybersecurity, responsible AI, and business ethics, values and integrity 

  • We uphold the highest ethical standards in every facet of our business 

  • We ensure responsible solutions, protect privacy and safeguard solid cybersecurity across all operations 

Targets for ethical conduct: 

  • Zero corruption 

  • Zero major breaches of privacy 

  • All employees trained in responsible AI 

Social impact, areas diversity, equity and inclusion and human rights and labour rights 

  • We promote and uphold a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusivity within our organisation 

  • We are committed to respect and support human rights and labour rights across our operations. 

Targets for social impact 

  • Respect human rights 

  • Zero discrimination and harassment  

  • Achieve 49/49 gender balance over time 

  • 30% underrepresented gender in  
    leadership positions by 2030 

All the commitments, targets and areas are visible in the picture attached, and you can also find more information at  

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Ida Bohman Steenberg

Chief Sustainability Officer

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