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Krishna Khisadiya: On the way to great things

Relocating from India to Sweden is a big move, but Krishna has absolutely no regrets. Quite on the contrary.

Krishna Khisadiya / April 23, 2024
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With a master’s degree in her hand but no IT companies in her hometown, Krishna had an important decision to make. Following the tradition of being a stay-at-home mother was not a prospect that appealed to her.

- I like challenges and have great ambition for what I want to achieve in life. I had to move to fulfill my dreams, and Sweden ticked many of the boxes for the kind of country and society my husband and I wanted to live in.

Landing a job is not always straight forward when you relocate halfway across the globe. “Jobbsprånget”, an initiative from the Swedish Public Employment Service, helped Krishna get in touch with Tietoevry.
- Through this programme, I was given the opportunity to become an intern at Tietoevry as a .Net backend developer. I appreciate the fact that they took a chance on me, seeing that I had very limited working experience.

The six-month long internship was a great learning experience.
- I learned not only about the domain of energy and utilities, but also gained technical skills. Both the team, my mentor and my managers have been very welcoming. They have boosted my confidence greatly and have given me the understanding that asking questions is not a sign of ignorance, but rather an opportunity to learn.

Energy projects

After six months, Krishna was offered a full-time position as a software developer and has worked on several projects within the energy industry.
- One of the bigger projects I have been involved in is within energy data management EDM), a project I started working on during my internship. The main issue we worked on was analysis and interpretation of energy data, which can have great impact on the bottom line of our clients and also reduce energy consumption. It’s a win-win for both the clients and the environment.

The project also exposed Krishna to a range of new technologies.
- We have developed a data-lake solution based on Microsoft Azure, a cloud native solution for storage, validation, analytics and reporting. We use SQL-servers, C# language and Power BI for reporting and analysis. I have been exposed to a broad array of tech, so my learning curve has been steep. I love it!

Krishna has now moved on to a new energy management project that merges the EDM project with a distributed energy solution (DES).
- DES is a cloud-based, modular solution for automated digital management of everything from energy production to consumption. Its users range from energy producers to building owners via charging providers. By merging these two projects we can offer much better solutions for energy management to our clients.

Room to develop

Krishna felt at home at Tietoevry from just about day one and can thank the team and the working culture for that.
- Even though I work at an office in the north of Sweden, we have a very international culture. I work in a team with people from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland. Working here has made me realize that we’re all linked, we’re one planet.

Krishna describes the culture as very open and friendly.
- There are quite a lot of seniors in my team, which gives me great opportunities to learn. And they are very eager to help, I’m never afraid to ask anyone about anything. I was quite nervous before I started, worried about lacking skills and expertise. That worry disappeared during the first day. Tietoevry is a place where you are supposed to learn, you’re given room to develop.

Krishna’s big move matched her ambitions in life. At Tietoevry, she’s well on her way to achieve great things.


Krishna Khisadiya
Software Developer

Tietoevry office: Skellefteå, Sweden
At Tietoevry since: 2022
Education: Master of technology in computer software engineering from Rajasthan Technical University
Fun fact: Was an avid Tom & Jerry cartoon collector as a kid


Krishna Khisadiya

Software Developer

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