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Data Insiders – Stay in the know

Join Data Insiders, the #1 Nordic data community, a powerful network of top professionals and visionaries of data-driven business.

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Data changes the world

– but does your company take full advantage of it?

We at Tietoevry are honored and privileged to say that we work with some of the most exciting projects in the Nordics. Data-driven business, strategic leverage of data, and rapid change in data platforms and technologies are just a few of the areas we dabble in, as we challenge our customers to become faster, smarter, and stronger.

Change is inspirational, but it can also be hard at times. That’s why we believe it’s important to have a network of professionals to connect with, one where everyone learns from each other: the Data Insiders community.

Janne Mäkeläinen

Head of Sales Development, Data, Tietoevry Create


Listen to Data Insiders Podcast episodes and stay at the forefront of the data revolution!

The Data Insiders podcast addresses the trends and phenomena around this hot topic in an understandable and interesting way. Together with our guests, we share knowledge, offer collegial support and reveal the truth behind hype and buzzwords.

Presented by Tietoevry, with Thomas Kirk as your host.

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Kristiina Lammila from Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Miika Leminen from Helsinki University Hospital

John Bottega from EDM Council

Olof Granberg from ICA Gruppen

Jonas Blomqvist from SAS

Tips from CDOs: create a data use case and put the backbone in place

“Data management strategy needs to be in the business strategy. It adds a dimension to the business, business processes and customer, to name a few. It must be built into the business, and the CEO and board members need to talk about it,” said our webinar guest Sameli Mäenpää, Chief Data Officer at OP Financial Group.

He spoke about data management strategy with our other guests, Maija Nikula, Chief Data Officer at KONE and Maria Rautavirta, Director, Data Business Unit at Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland.

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Livecast on Demand

Experts from Tietoevry and 2150 GmbH share their insights into modern data warehousing, DataOps, and the Datavault Builder automation platform. Learn more!

Hear about Telia’s transformation journey and what role the Snowflake data platform has played in their successful data development. Watch the recording and read more!

Join experts from Valmet, Microsoft and Tietoevry for a discussion of prevailing approaches to data warehouse modernization and agile practices in data development. Read more!


What are the most exciting data trends?

According to prominent data leaders and experts, three essential and interconnected characteristics define data-driven organizations.

We interviewed eight Finnish data experts to find out what a data-driven organization looks like now and how it will develop going forward: Data x Business report.

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Passion for data unites us. Get the latest insight on data-driven business and data management.

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