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Seven guiding principles to ensure Responsible AI

Tietoevry's Chief Sustainability Officer, writes about the importance of principled actions when it comes to developing new technologies and describes our guiding principles for Responsible AI

Ida Bohman Steenberg / December 14, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in unprecedented ways, offering new opportunities for innovation, efficiency and social good.

However, AI also poses significant challenges and risks, such as potential bias, discrimination, privacy breaches, security threats, and ethical dilemmas. A newly published Swedish AI Survey, which we at Tietoevry have conducted in collaboration with The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, The University of Linnaeus and Athea, shows that the Swedes’ perception of AI is more negative than ever. More than half of the respondents believe that AI will lead to digital exclusion, where only a few will reap the benefits and have the power to steer the development.


A collaborative approach to AI

In light of what’s reported in the media and its focus on thought leaders with a somewhat dystopic view of development, these results are not surprising. And it emphasizes the need for governmental bodies and authorities, academic institutions, tech companies, and every organization that can influence the development, to do their part. It is essential that AI is developed and deployed in a responsible manner, ensuring that it is aligned with human values, respects human rights, and promotes human well-being. Ensuring that AI is deployed for the greater good, requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, including governments, regulators, businesses, and civil society.

At Tietoevry we welcome the recent initiatives by the European Commission and other authorities to provide a legal and ethical framework for AI, such as the proposed AI Act and the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. We believe that these initiatives are not meant to limit the use of AI, but to regulate it in a way that promotes safe and beneficial innovation.

However, legislation and regulation alone are not enough to ensure responsible AI. Every company that develops or uses AI has a responsibility to adhere to the relevant laws and standards, but also to go beyond compliance and set its own high standards for security, privacy and ethics. At Tietoevry we have done this by adopting seven guiding principles for responsible AI, which make up our shared foundation for governing the usage of AI across its businesses and functions. These principles are based on international best practices and frameworks, such as the OECD Principles on AI, the IEEE Ethically Aligned Design, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Seven guiding principles for responsible AI

Tietoevry's seven guiding principles for responsible AI are as follows:

1. Human-centricity: We aim to design AI system to be inclusive, accommodating the needs of individuals that interact with it and respecting the values of the communities where it is applied.

2. Accountability: Our governance structure follows the entire life cycle of our solutions, from design to production and maintenance. Our cross-functional approach to design and testing, ensures that the solutions are robust and adaptable

3. Respect, privacy and security: We follow a risk-based approach to security. We treat users and their data with dignity and respect and preserve and safeguard their privacy and integrity.

4. Fairness: We strive to create AI systems that are inclusive and equal and will mitigate unintended biases.

5. Transparency: We are open and transparent and provide relevant explanations for different stakeholder groups. We also ensure that our work can be reproduced and verified by external parties.

6. Reliability: We respect intellectual property rights and confidentiality of information, following our Code of Conduct, and applicable regulation

7. Value: Our solutions aim for excellent value and tangible benefits for our customers and society at large, that are proportionate to the connected risks.

Responsible AI is our strategic priority at Tietoevry, as it reflects our vision, mission and values. We are committed to creating a positive impact with AI for our customers and society while minimizing the potential risks and challenges. Our journey with AI is more than just technology; it stands for purpose-driven innovation, principled actions, and a dedication to benefiting our customers, the broader community, and humanity. We invite you to join our journey towards responsible AI and explore the opportunities and benefits that it can offer.

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Ida Bohman Steenberg
Chief Sustainability Officer

Ida is very passionate about sustainable development and has been working with that her whole working life. She started out in asset management and then Management consulting at EY for many years, sustainable supply chain at Vattenfall and was Global Head of Sustainability at Tieto before her current role at Tietoevry. On the side she has had several engagements in the non-profit world and academia.

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