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HIMSS & Health 2.0 Conference

11 - 13.6.2019, Finland

Healthier tomorrow with AI and integrated social and healthcare services

The number of social and healthcare customers increases as the population ages, while the societal problems are increasingly complex. Healthcare and welfare information systems and digitalization contribute to addressing these demands and challenges.

Following the overall conference themes, Tieto’s participation concentrates especially on AI, population health and wellbeing, social care and healthcare integration, as well as open data approach 

Please join us to discuss the solution benefits and achievable customer value. Our conference activities include customer presentations, solution demos on our booth, as well as joint presence with our customers and partners. Please find more info below.


Wednesday 12th June:

Track: What can AI deliver today and what are we really ready for? Between 13:30 - 14:30

Healthcare big data accelerating algorithm development for personalized medicine – case Finland

Mikko Rotonen

Mikko Rotonen, ICT Development Director,HUS (Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District)

Matti Ristimäki

Matti Ristimäki, Head of Data Platform, Tieto

Introduction: Presentation will go through best practices how to enable and accelerate healthcare data utilization in healthcare to build and run impact driven AI based applications. Helsinki University Hospital has built world-class data ecosystem together with Tieto. One concrete development program is mixing clinical research and AI development together and aiming to develop algorithms for rare disease identification and machine learning supported cancer diagnostics. These cases will be presented as case examples.


Thursday 13 June:

Track: Integrating Health and Social Care, between 10:45am - 12:15pm

Forerunner in integrated healthcare and social care services – increased customer engagement through modern platforms

Matti Ahola

Matti Ahola, CIO, Kymsote

Introduction: Social and Health Services in Kymenlaakso (Kymsote) produces health services, family and social welfare services, and services for senior citizens that promote health and everyday wellbeing and functioning. Our mission is to organize and produce equal and easily accessible services for all residents of the region. In its operations, Kymsote seeks the best customer experience and invests in preventive, high-quality and cost-effective services. To boost our progress we have an ICT strategy based on modern platforms for increased customer engagement.

Solution demos on Tieto stand 6b28

Accelerate innovation for better care

Tieto Intelligent Wellbeing is an artificial intelligence-based data-driven product family for healthcare and welfare. It enables organizations to create better solutions to meet the growing needs of the population. As real-time information increases, data can be used to create predictive and prescriptive healthcare and social care. Our capability to master big data with sophisticated algorithms and AI result in greater time and cost efficiency, as well as more effective treatment.


  • Save time and money: Increase efficiency and make accurate predictions.
  • Better care: Create tailored healthcare with data analytics.
  • Accelerate innovation: Utilize vital data for healthcare and welfare innovation

Preventing services bring health benefits

Health and Social care providers need better allocated, preventive care and services. 

Lifecare Pulse provides comprehensive views on monitoring population health and welfare, use of services and results. The solution visualizes essential status information and metrics that support decision-making, constant improvement and monitoring effectiveness. Lifecare Pulse views include: Population health, Population wellbeing, Organization​. Tieto co-operates with the Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.


  • Visibility on population health situation: The regional population health and wellbeing data enables effective care management.

  • Allocation of social and healthcare services: Preventing services bring health benefits for citizens and cost savings for the society.

  • Measuring impact: Effectiveness and follow-up of care and services results as well as impact.

Open clinical data simplifies care chains

We present the openEHR based Lifecare solutions and features. The clinical information model is at the heart of any healthcare information system. Clinicians need to be able to make the required clinical adaptations safely and based on standard models.

The openEHR data model enables providing sharable, stable, and standardized knowledge structure. openEHR uses an open application platform and open data models to solve the compatibility problems of healthcare information systems. The ultimate goal is better and faster care.


  • Best possible utilization of clinical data and care recommendations

  • Integration of several systems and data transfer

  • Organization-based adaptation

The openEHR demos and presentations will be conducted together with the partner, Better by Marand. Demos include, for example:  Configurable Lifecare Desktop and Patient summary, Lifecare Journal View and one-time data entry, Lifecare Observations (care follow-up), Lifecare Childhood care (growth and development follow-up).

Common social and healthcare solutions ensure comprehensive care

Lifecare provides comprehensive solution for common information and resource planning needs in healthcare and social care

The common solution reduces overlapping tasks, streamlines services and care chains and supports multi-professional teamwork in primary and secondary healthcare as well as in social care. 


  • Ensure patient and customer information availability throughout the social and healthcare service processes.

  • Simplify and speed up forming the overall citizen wellbeing status with one view.

  • Support multi-professional social and healthcare co-operation with an information secured solution.

Demos include, for example: Joint communication, consent process, customer plan, multi-professional cooperation.

Joint presence with our customers and partners

HUS / Health Village ecosystem

Tieto is part of the Health Village ecosystem which in managed by HUS. Our part of the stand is showcasing the Patient Explorer/ Intelligent Wellbeing solution, Consent management and chatbot solution. We want to promote how to echange care effieciency with the help of AI and machine learning as well as how to increase engagement with conversational UI.

Story: diabetes patient undergoes intervention and adopts new lifestyle and habits with help of AI and health bot. Implementing concrete actions from population level predictions to individual level intervention engaging key citizen / patient group.


A safe method of transferring data from the monitoring devices of diabetic children helps in patient treatment

HUS Helsinki University Hospital and Sitra along with partners have launched a project to develop a safe method of transferring data from the monitoring devices of diabetic children to their parents and the hospital. They are building an integrated authorization process within the system and working towards secure data transfer. It is beneficial for the patient’s treatment and monitoring that their physician receives the data as quickly as possible.

The project is developed in co-operation with the CleverHealth Network and partners: CGI, Tieto, the Finnish Population Register Centre, Patria, Elisa, Nokia, Gofore and HUS.


Nordic Interoperability showcase: making patient mobility a Nordic reality

Visit the Interoperability showcase area and learn how decentralised identity is used to provide patient-centric consent in healthcare. Antti Kettunen presents 12-13 June the Nordic Interoperability Project demo every hour .00.

Visit the website.



The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference will be a unique three day event you won’t want to miss which will gather the entire digital health ecosystem.

Meet us there!


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