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Ecosystem partners

We create the next level of Industry 4.0 with the leading pulp, paper and fibre industry ecosystem partners.


Consultingtalents is a team of industry experts with ideas and passion for your success with focus on business process digitalization and SAP implementation.Especially for mill products companies like Pulp, Paper, Film and Packaging our Team provides experienced experts in industrial manufacturing.

As partner together with TietoEVRY we help customers to implement, integrate and enhance SAP & TIPS solutions with state-of-the-art technologies. The efficiency of our customers business processes is boosted by intelligent utilization and integration of modern AI solutions.


I-Plan is a smart supply chain planning solution specifically for Process manufacturing businesses like Pulp, Paper and Packaging. It is a planning tool to manage the sales and production operations of these manufacturing businesses based on profitability.

Combining I-Plan with other TIPS industry solutions and services creates an ecosystem solution to enable paper and packaging businesses to respond to changing customer demand instantly with optimal operating scenarios.


TIPS Info is a Process Information management system for Paper, and Pulp industry

Main benefits:
• consolidate information from several mill systems to form a common base for mill overview, analysis and optimization.
• provide real-time

process information for visualization and
decision making for all users in all levels.
The TIPS Info is part of the TIPS MES portfolio, also co-branded as MOPS provided by MOPSsys AB.


We've been working closely with SAP since 1999, building a strong relationship and solution portfolio for our customers in the industry.

We offer deep industry specific experience and insights as well as cloud and on-premises deployment expertise, utilizing modern state-of-the art technologies.

Read more of the TietoEVRY-SAP partnership

Syncron Tech


Syncron Tech develops and delivers software solutions to boost production in industries and energy sector.

TIPS EMS partnership is about Energy Management System (EMS) for pulp & paper and flat sheet industries.
TIPS EMS reduces cost of energy per produced ton.
EMS enables optimal utilization of own or external energy resources based on TIPS production plans. 24/7 integration to energy markets enable sourcing and selling at the right time.


Turck Vilant

Turck Vilant Systems is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of turnkey RFID Systems. Our RFID solutions track material consumption as week as material and stock availability of pulp and paper resulting in tangible results such as faster stock turnover, lower inventory levels and more efficient supply chain.


The addition of Yazzoom's AI-based analytics software and services to TietoEVRY's elaborate existing offer creates an integrated solution that covers all aspects from accessing the data, over applying machine-learning to reporting the impact on Key Performance Indicators relevant for the pulp and paper industry.

Thus helping the industry create value from their process and MES data.



Valmet Industrial Internet - VII combines advanced monitoring and prediction applications, Advanced Process Controls (APC), process simulators and remote services from Valmet Performance Center into comprehensive solutions.

Through Valmet’s and TietoEVRY MES cooperation and our complementary offerings, our customers’ production process and business data can be integrated and optimized for the customers’ benefit.

To find out more on Valmet Industrial Internet solutions, please visit 


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