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Tieto Cards Academy

30.6 - 28.7.2020 / Nairobi
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Tieto Card Suite Trainings in Nairobi,  June 30th July 28th, 2020

Tieto Card Suite system administrators, analysts and operators are welcome to attend Card Suite trainings in Nairobi (total 21 days of training), to gain deeper knowledge on everyday system support, troubleshooting and system capabilities. 

Register by 1st of February, get 20% discount!

Registration closes May 22, 2020

Training Courses

What you will learn?

CMS3 for Administrators v3.4.1 & v3.5.1:
● CMS architecture, interaction to other modules
● Bank, Card Group administrator configuration
● CMS logs
● CMS upgrade; WEB application and Issuing WP installation
● CMS Robot functionality

CMS3 for Analysts v3.5.1:
● statements and reports in CMS
● credit cards functionality and configuration
● configure financial conditions: processing parameters, products, card and account conditions

CMS3 for Operators v3.5.1:
● cardholder data management using CMS WEB Client:agreements,clients, accounts, cards
● cycle of daily and monthly (billing) operations

Duration: 4 days:
● 1.5 days - CMS for Administrators
● 1.5 days - CMS for Analysts
● 1 day - CMS for Operators

Karlis Venters

Karlis Venters
Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

What you will learn?

Fraud Management for Administrators:
● inner workings of CS Fraud Management
● install and configure CS Fraud Management solution, update components

Fraud Management and Rule Engine for Risk Analysts:
● configure fraud monitoring rules using Rule Engine
● make scoring matrix for suspicious card activity
● analyze revealed suspicious cases
● minimize repeated fraud risk for the card

Duration: 5 days: 
● 1 day - Fraud Management for Administrators
● 4 days - Fraud Management and Rule Engine for Risk Analysts

Aliaksandr Laptsionak

Aliaksandr Laptsionak
Lead IT System Consultant, Tieto
What you will learn?

RTPS 3G structure and configuration:
● install and upgrade RTPS modules
● change system settings and do batch tasks

CS Processing RTPS Native Interface (NIF)
● difference between Switching and Acquiring authorization
● switching configure possibilities in RTPS Registry
● centre parameters in RTPS WP
● GENIF based interfaces, creating them
● mainconf.cfg parameters
● testing configuration change

RTPS Integrated Issuer Authorization(IIA) and Log-file analysis
● role of Issuing Authorization in CS
● link between IIA and external CS components
● functionality of IIA, accessory functions
● product components
● types of messages
● on-line call processing
● GUI, configure registers, profiles, RTPS-MPCS synchronization tasks
● Tuxedo Rulesy
● RTPS log files - configure and change accuracy settings

POS Management

Duration: 5 days

Andrejs Tretjakovs

Andrejs Tretjakovs
Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto

What you will learn?

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments for Acquirers and Issuers:
● business scenarios that can be implemented using EBPP
● configuration possibilities
● create / modify basic payment scenarios
● prepare basic detail checking and generate scripts

Duration: 2 days

Andrejs Tretjakovs

Andrejs Tretjakovs
Lead Solution Consultant, Tieto
What you will learn?

CL&DM for Administrators:
● distribution of servers and Unix users: Tomcat, LDAP, Oracle DB and Tuxedo Servers
● Unix parameters, configure Tuxedo servers; start DB, check Instance and listener status
● $CSHOME files
● start / stop LDAP server
● configure Apache Tomcat server
● starting CL&DM after server shutdown/restart
● create/open and check status for Oracle Wallet 
● configure Partorg
● licensing implementation
● manage encryption keys and wallets according to PA-DSS standard, GPG/PGP agent usage, rotate certificates
● installation and update: cs-installer, cs-admin utility
● load/unload bank configurations
● installation, configuration of Master WP
● One Point Authorization and Authentication (OPAA), connection between it and LDAP, OPAA zones
● troubleshooting: logs, log splitter, dump and Oracle alert files, nececary monitoring

CL&DM for Analysts:
● functional possibilities
● configure users and roles in One Point Authorization and Authentication (OPAA)
● business configuration

CL&DM for Operators:
● cycle of clearing operations and dispute in CL&DM system for Visa and MasterCard domains
● generate reports

Duration: 5 days:
● 2 days - CLDM for Administrators
● 1 day - CLDM for Analysts
● 1 day - CLDM for Operators

Andrejs Tretjakovs

Mikhail Sorokin
Senior Solution Consultant, Tieto

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Computer Pride at JKUAT Towers
1st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue
Nairobi, Kenya

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