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Hack for Financial Wellbeing

Consumption patterns have evolved over time, but in the digital era, the attitude towards money has changed drastically since

11 - 12.7.2018, Finland

Hack for better finance with Intrum

Consumption patterns have evolved over time, but in the digital era, the attitude towards money has changed drastically since credit cards have replaced bills and coins in our wallets. Digital money is invisible and easy to spend, forgetting all the limits. That might lead to financial trouble for consumers, and businesses alike. The challenge is vast, and fascinating at the same time. As the largest debt collection business in Europe and an aspiring role model in the industry, Intrum finds both opportunity and obligation to set new standards and change how credit management is perceived. For the first time we open access to our data and call for experiments to solve the challenge.

Intrumhack introduction


Find new digital solutions that create structure and promote wellbeing for both Intrum’s clients and customers, so that Intrum can be the bridge to support the clients getting paid and customers who are in trouble to meet their invoices. Create better (digital) services for managing personal economy and raise the customer experience through the use of data and public API’s.

  • Enable users to get in touch with their finances
  • Innovative approach to personal digital services through the use of customer insights, data and new technologies
  • Explore the available data and possibility of combining it with external sources.
  • Design the public API to explore variety of use cases

Why join?

5 000 euros for top team
plus an opportunity turn the idea into an actual product or service together with Intrum. 

Additional prizes from partners will be announced later. 

In addition participating teams get a valuable experience of rapid innovation and opportunity to build connections in international atmosphere.

We have the best innovation, data science, tech, business and customer experience mentors to support you. We’ve secured top speakers to share insights into trends and tendencies of the industry and beyond.

You will pitch the outcome of your creative work and data crunching to the panel of fintech, customer experience and behavioural science experts.


To make the event a nice experience and also to assure that circumstances are suitable for creating groundbreaking innovations, we take good care of our hackers. 

We offer easy-to-reach facilities in Keilaniemi, constant supply of food & beverages, sparring sessions with leading experts and recreation activities such as day-time yoga and evening sauna.

Contact us

Matti Airas

Lead Business Consultant, Customer Experience

Date and place

11 - 12.7.2018
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