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Junior / Mid DevOps Engineer in CI Operations Team



Application and Product Development

04 January 2021 - 03 March 2021

Product Development Services

Our Continuous Integration Operations Teams work on a part of the system, which automatically tests changes made by software developers. We have two 6-people teams which specialize in an area of CI operations. Working in these teams requires knowledge of: Linux, Jenkins, jobDSL and programming languages like Bash and Python (nice to have also Groovy).

It's good position especially if you would like to step deeper into DevOps world: improvement scripting skills and gaining understanding of CI/CD area.

We are open to people with different level of professional experience, but at least 1 year in similar area is necessary to start the recruitment process.

Responsibilities include:

  • designing to fit into the architecture, possibly prototyping the user-interface, and then implementing, building, unit-testing, and integrating the components that are part of the solution;
  • maintenance of existing SW components;
  • making improvements in various areas like linked tools, infrastructure resources and scripts, which are necessary to properly working of testing CI machine.

Daily tasks:

  • Integration of features into working pieces of software to be delivered to a higher level
  • Keeping the metadata of maintenance/release branches
  • Opening and configuring new branches
  • Monitoring radiator pages and acting if tests are failed
  • Updating development tools within the CI machinery
  • Investigating failed cases in CI machinery
  • HW validation and reporting configuration mismatches
  • Creating Verification Reports
  • Maintenance radiator pages
  • Handling and securing Jira tickets


  • Good practical knowledge and experience with SCM systems like GIT or SVN
  • Experience with CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Artifactory, Gerrit)
  • Experience with Bash and Python scripting
  • Experience in investigation and debugging of faults
  • Practical experience and knowledge in working with Linux OS
  • Knowledge in TCP/IP and communication infrastructure + remote protocols (e.g ssh, telnet, vnc, rdp)
  • Knowledge of agile process and practices
  • Very good communication in English

Good to have:

  • Interest and understanding of container technologies
  • Experience in Jenkins, Jenkins DSL, Pipelines
  • Experience with building the software on Linux platform using GNU toolchain
  • Experience with GNU Yocto
  • Knowledge about RDBMS
  • Knowledge about message brokers e.g. RabbitMQ
  • Knowledge about cloud technologies and experience
  • High communication skills, stress resistance, quick response, assertiveness, good cooperation in international teams


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