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P27 Nordic Payments

Get ready for the future changes in all layers of P27. Scale up and expand with a modular end to end P27 payment processing solution - delivered as SaaS, on-premise installation or on a hosted cloud.

Holistic approach to payments

P27 - look beyond compliance with our Payment Hub

About P27 Payment Hub

P27 is so much more than compliance. It will let your private and corporate customers pay to the Nordic counterparts effectively and help them to ease the friction of handling everyday situations related to payments. But it all comes down to what payment system you have, to get all these benefits.
Tietoevry can provide you with a modular and flexible solution – Payment Hub. It can be implemented to meet any existing banking system setup. Whether you are preparing for the first step to meet compliance or considering a full payments system upgrade to support the future market changes. The open architecture of Payment Hub supports stepwise implementation. In this way, you can extend the solution to fit new modules and new payment types.
Payment Hub solution can be easily adapted to market changes, and it supports different payment services such as request-to-pay.

One common payment standard in the Nordics – ISO20022

The one common payment standard in the Nordics will be ISO20022. With P27 you gain benefits of ISO20022 standardization and become open to richer data end-to-end. Better structured and more relevant data equals quality payments. It improves user experiences, while also improving compliance, transparency, and efficiency.

Now the sender will be able to provide significantly more information per each payment. As to the receiver, the payment reconciliations will be easier and provide companies with a great opportunity to automate processes and become even more efficient.

Tietoevry P27 offerings and packages

P27 Connectivity

Service for connecting to P27 Clearing & Settlement and other counterparties, using SIAnet, SWIFT or other service providers.

End-to-End P27 combo with Payment Hub 

The module-based solution allows for the implementation of the whole end-to-end solution. Starting from payment initiation to connectivity towards P27, supporting all payment types (batch and instant) also including functional P27 features such as Alias register. A native ISO20022 solution that handles other payment types such as SEPA, domestic and cross border payments. A flexible solution suited for a phased implementation and a gradual migration from a siloed payment processing environment towards a single consolidated platform.

Corporate P27

Many changes in the nearest future will affect Swedish corporate customers. Tietoevry is here to help you address these challenges. Our Corporate P27 offering supports P27 Account to Account (e.g., salary payments), P27 Giro payments, also additional services such as file format conversion, file archive, authentication and ISO20022 file production.

Benefits to you and your customers

  • A standard and proven off-the-shelf solution fully qualified and tested by one of the P27 front-runner banks
  • Compliant with the latest industry developments and standards (such as ISO 20022, P27, PSD2, SEPA Implementation Guidelines and Rule Books)
  • Support for multibank deployment - single instance and multi-tenant
  • Cost sharing for current and future versions of the software
  • Support for and access to future P27 payment types and initiatives (e.g., Request to Pay)
  • API-driven solution that facilitates increased interactions with internal and external partners adding value to your payment offering
  • Short time-to-market for changes or new propositions
  • Flexible batch booking features
  • Warranty for timely compliance with current and future Rule Books and Implementation Guidelines

Delivery options

  • SaaS
  • Hosted – cloud
  • On – premise

Your partner for P27 transformation

Tietoevry is a proven partner for both the Frontrunners and the Longtailers of P27. We have the experience you need to transform, for we know the possible stumbling blocks and the winning factors. Instead of letting the P27 transformation project absorb all your IT resources, let Tietoevry with the largest pool of payment competences in the Nordics help you gain knowledge, share unique insights and advice you on the best approach going forward. By partnering with Tietoevry you have more time to focus on value added services for your customers.

Tietoevry is a Nordic company with over 20 years of Nordic market experience with mission to support Nordic companies and people. This expertise has been channeled into delivering best-in-class solutions and providing professional consultancy services for our clients. We continue to closely monitor market developments, take part in relevant industry groups, and follow the latest updates and plans for P27.

Latest insights

How will P27 impact the payment landscape for businesses?


When P27 goes live the Nordic payments market will be shaken up once again. Getting a head start could give your business a strategic advantage over your competitors. But where is the ROI?

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How Luminor bank achieved payment processing independence and consolidation

Tietoevry’s Payment Hub delivered as a Cloud solution enabled a fully independent and consolidated payment processing solution for Luminor bank. The project was Highly Commended at FinTech Futures PayTech Awards 2020. 

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The P27 journey is gearing up - what are the main considerations for your bank?

As more milestones are reached, we are close to seeing the launch of the new P27 payment initiative. What are the the main considerations banks and financial institutions should be assessing now?

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Tietoevry achieves Top 25 ranking in the 2020 IDC FinTech Ranking

Tietoevry has been ranked on the prestigious global 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings Top 25 Enterprise list by IDC Financial Insights. This is the fourth consecutive year TietoEVRY has been named and is the only Nordic company to make it to the Enterprise 25 ranking. 

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First P27 services coming on line – Guide for banks operating in Sweden


P27 is the largest transition facing the Swedish payment market to date. As a bank, what do you need to do now to complete your part and how do you turn this new possibility into a success? 

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Who benefits the most from Request-to-Pay?

Due to the unprecedented times we are living in, further digitalization and immediate access to funds has gained even more significance. Sami Uski explores the benefits of request-to-pay for consumers, businesses and banks.

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Get in touch

Nicoline Lilletvedt

Senior Strategic Business Developer


Reach out to Nicoline to discuss the latest market developments connected to P27 and discover how to develop a strategy that will accommodate your future requirements. Among other areas, Nicoline is an expert in SaaS delivery models and will be able to help you evaluate the best delivery model for your business.


Dagfinn Loen

Senior Sales Manager


Dagfinn has worked closely with numerous Nordic banks for the last 15 years. His extensive experience and market knowledge allow him to find the best solutions for customers.


Catrine Weski

Senior Sales Manager


For the last 20 years Catrine has worked with medium and large companies as well as financial institutions with a goal to understand their business requirements within Cash Management, Banking, Payments and Financial Services and find best solutions that cater for their needs.


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