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Driving digital transformation.Together.

TietoEVRY and Microsoft are helping customers to ​maximize the value of cloud.

TietoEVRY Azure Migration Approach:

from design to execution

Building a successful migration path starts with the design of an optimal environment. We help you build a migration plan that allows you to successfully move workloads to Azure. 
We offer a tailored solution for each customer according to our standardized approach, meaning every need and objective is taken into account. Our Azure Migration Approach uses proven methodology and expertise to deliver accelerated migration to Azure that avoids common risks, reduces expenses and meets proper security and compliance requirements.



The 4-step approach to conducting Azure migrations

The cloud journey starts with a cloud-readiness assessment, our analysis methodology, in which we assess different aspects of migrating applications, such as feasibility, delivery model, business economics and security. 
The service combines the experience of cloud experts, industry standards, exact tools and TietoEVRY best practices to give the customer clear insight into their current IT assets and provide a way forward towards Azure migrations. 



TietoEVRY Azure Design & Build is a structured set of services that are built to enable and improve each customer’s Azure adaptation. The services are designed from the ground up. with a heavy emphasis on automation, compatibility with modern software delivery & DevOps, security, continuous improvement and managing Azure’s highly dynamic environment. 
The Azure Design & Build service allows customers to establish a foundation of appropriate service components based on their requirements and existing capabilities, as well as the migrated workloads.  


Once the assessment and Landing Zone phases are completed and approved by the customer, the migration phase can begin. The first step of the migration phase is Pilot. This is done to establish a reasonable technical path towards ensuring maximum coverage and highlighting unique technical considerations (including risks and strategies) that are typical to the landscape, and which may have been missed in the discovery and assessment phase or during planning. 
During the actual migration phase, the activities are cyclical, focused on move groups -specific planning and preparations, deployment and the configuration of Azure resources, as well as collaborative activities throughout the process. 
Our Cloud Migration service combines the experience of cloud experts, best practices and the right tools to bring your business a cost-efficient migration to Azure on any scale. To ensure the quality of service, TietoEVRY will act and communicate according to the predefined workflow, runbook and communication plans. 


The last step of the Azure Migration Approach is transferring the migrated workloads to TietoEVRY’s Managed Cloud. Managed Cloud is a modular set of services that are built to operate and improve a customer’s Azure environment. The service allows customers to select the appropriate service components based on their requirements and existing capabilities. 
Regardless of the chosen modules, the service offers the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring and incident management 
  • Cloud environment development 
  • Service management 

The 24/7 management service ensures that business-critical cloud workloads run smoothly, with any potential incidents that could impact production systems - or other defined environments - remediated. The service also supports all new requirements that arise from new workloads or needs that have already been identified within existing workloads.

Typical development work includes increasing the automation rate or building new automated solutions, solving root cause issues behind a series of incidents or performance issues, as well as supporting development teams with DevOps methodologies, tooling and pipeline management. Service management provides professional governance of the service and can support customers with non-technical topics. 

Safe transition to Azure



When Allskog took the decision on a full transition to Microsoft's cloud service Azure, EVRY's consultants ensured that the move process occurred without affecting day-to-day operations. The process was carefully thought out, and implementation was as planned.

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HUS – the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa – is developing preventive healthcare and medical research using the HUS-DataLake. The solution, developed in collaboration with Tieto, enables the analysis of huge datasets to create healthcare-related predictions and cutting-edge innovations. The data lake solution is built on Microsoft Azure technology.

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Svenssons in Tenhult AB


Svenssons in Tenhult AB assessed different options regarding where their application could be hosted to provide the necessary performance, uptime and cost efficiency, without the need for large up-front investments. Microsoft Azure cloud platform, in combination with Microsoft 365, supported all of the customer’s demands for digital collaboration.

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Digitalizing public sector

City of Espoo


The City of Espoo needed to develop customer-centric services that take into consideration the customers’ needs and problems. Data for a single person was stored in information systems of different sectors and services that do not share information.

Watch the case video showing how this was tackled.

State Treasury in Finland

Internally, the State Treasury aims to become an entirely digital office that prepares, processes, and archives documents digitally and in accordance with the law. Public 360° digitizes the State Treasury’s activities and enables electronic archiving that is in line with the legal requirements for public administration. 

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Danish Appeals Boards Authority

The Danish Appeals Boards Authority is supported by, Public 360°, in their effort to become the best appeal authority in Europe. 

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