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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7 Software and Systems Engineering Meeting

How will emerging and new technologies impact software development? We welcome future change-makers at Aalto University to join the open program.

19 - 24.5.2019, Finland

Join the Open Seminar and Tieto Booth Program

The annual software standardization committee meeting will host  150 – 200 experts around the world. This time the meeting is held in Finland at Aalto University.

At Tieto, we know the importance of standardization work. We are delighted to sponsor this important event. Check the program below to join us.


Open Seminar: Standards Enabling Better Quality and Productivity in Systems and Software Engineering

Tue 21.5. 17:00-20:00,  Aalto University, Otakaari 1, Auditorium B

Join Tieto’s keynote at 18:30:

Impact of emerging and new technologies on software engineering
Markus Suomi, Chief of Technology and Quality, Tieto Corporation

Read the full agenda of the Open Seminar

Register to the Open Seminar

Demonstrations at Tieto's booth

Wed 22.5. 13-15:30, Aalto UniversityOtakaari 1, U-lobby, Tieto’s booth 

Get to know Tieto’s Career Starters platformTieto Boosters, for future change-makers: young professionals, recent graduates, and students looking for opportunities to be part of building a smarter society.

Ilona Savolainen demonstrates Tieto Empathic Building as an example of how smart technologies can help employees feel happier, more inspired and perform better.

Cocktail-event for the standardization committee 

Mon 20.5. Get inspired with Tieto. 

Human as an IoT sensor
Tomi Teikko, Biological father of Empathic Building, Tieto Corporation

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Heini Pertta

Marketing Manager

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19 - 24.5.2019
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