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SAP on Cloud

Reduce the complexity of managing your SAP landscapes while saving costs. Get started with our standardized SAP-certified public cloud architecture and DevOps automation.

Running SAP in the public cloud

Running your business in the cloud offers absolute control over critical operations. A public cloud ecosystem shortens your time-to-market and allows products, services or applications to travel around the world instantaneously.

Some of the key advantages of utilizing the public cloud include operational cost savings of for 40-75 per cent, simplified and reduced operations, uniform and customizable security and governance, and a slashed IT budget. We can also give you seamless hybrid capabilities, as well as immediate access to computing and applications, and effective disaster recovery and data archiving.

Combining public cloud infrastructure and our global management and development services, gives you 24/7 proactive advanced monitoring, standardized SAP-certified public cloud architecture, DevOps automation and near-zero operational downtime. We also ensure customer-dedicated SAP specialist terms that deliver state-of-the-art assistance and quality.

Harri Kallioniemi

Head of Public Cloud

SAP Certified Provider of

SAP Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations (EXCELLENT)

Offering infrastructure and cloud services portfolio tailored to SAP customers. Cloud service offerings from providers certified by SAP encompass on-demand infrastructure and on-demand services for SAP products.

The word EXCELLENT needs to be stressed out as only about 10% of companies worldwide are certified with such a great result.

SAP Certified Provider of Hosting Operations (EXCELLENT)

Operating and maintaining SAP applications and offering complete hosting packages tailored to the customer's SAP product portfolio. Extensive technical SAP administration skills and experience are mandatory.
The word EXCELLENT needs to be stressed out as only about 10% of companies worldwide are certified with such a great result. Hosting certification has been granted to our private cloud hosting services.

SAP Certified Provider of SAP HANA Operations

Delivering operations services for solutions powered by the SAP HANA business data platform, with high-quality operational standards.

SAP Certified Provider of SAP S/4HANA Solutions Operations

The purpose of this certification is to verify the SAP S/4HANA Solutions Operations capabilities in terms of offering professional SAP related services and solutions.

SAP Certified Provider of DevOps

Working according to the DevOps principles of flow, feedback and continuous learning with a focus on cloud solutions and cloud extensions.
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