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Join the payment industry game-changers

A global team of more than 1100 payments and financial services experts located in 10 countries is looking for your help! If you are into programming, business analysis or customer care, let's connect! Become a game-changer and make an impact

Open positions

What we do

Card and financial product managment

We help banks and financial institution decrease operational costs and ensure faster financial product release with a modernized cards platform 

Cash management and virtual accounts

Our edge-cutting solutions enable banks and financial institutions to deliver innovative cash management services to their corporate customers. 

Payments and messaging

Banks leverage on our market-leading payment software for end-to-end payment processing, from payment initiation through payment execution to clearing and settlement.

Did you know?

Every day, millions of people use banking and financial software and services that are developed or managed by TietoEVRY.

Open Positions

Hey! Before you dive in! Here they are! Multiple doors to worlds of opportunities. Please note that all jobs listed below can be applied to regardless of which country you are located in. In other words, all jobs are global by nature. The country/city listed in the job ad is merely an indication on where your future manager will be located, not your role. Don't hesitate. We won't.   

Apply for DevOps engineer postion in Latvia 

Apply for Unix Administrator position in Latvia 

Apply for Java technical specialist position in Pune, India

Apply for Solution consultant position in Latvia

Apply for Solution consultant position based in Pune, India

Apply for Technical solution consultant position in Latvia

Apply for Senior Test Engineer position in Pune, India

Apply for Technical Lead position in Pune, India

Apply for Front-end developer position in Latvia 

Apply for Open Banking Sales Manager position based in Latvia

Apply for Continuous service manager position in Pune, India

Apply for Senior database administrator position in Latvia 

Apply for technical analyst role in Norway or India, Pune



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Why us? Why now?

Meet the team


Test Engineer

Ashlesha joined TietoEVRY in spring of 2021 as a test engineer to endeavour on a professional growth path in a supportive environment that has great diversity and equal opportunities for all. She was imeddiately hooked to the idea of joining the company as she heard good feedback from a former employee. Ashlesha is a junior test engineer in her so called, "Super 8 team" in Payments and Messaging unit. She emphasizes that the best part about her work is the teamwork: each milestone of each individual is applauded, all ideas to solve a task are listened to and any blockers are resolved togehter. Ashlesha also emphasizes that her manager is someone with clear vision, is patient, supportive and best of all – a great listener.


Software Developer

Dmitrijs joined TietoEVRY 2 years ago as an intern to learn new development technologies that are on high demand in the market. He first started working on Python testing and React development, then joined a team to work on ecommerce and 3D Secure solutions and also enjoys his role as a scrum master for another team. Being open minded and a fast learner Dmitrijs appreciates the supportive working environment, as well as the opportunity to try working on different types of tasks and roles. Working here does not feel like the “groundhog day”. He and his colleages share a passion for music and are easy to communicate with. Dmitrijs also shares that his boss is one of the most caring people he has ever met - a manager that shows how important everyone’s wellbeing is for him and for the company.


Senior Sales Manager

Catrines decision to join TietoEVRY this autumn was based on open discussions with managers and colleagues that presented a responsible and engaging company of like-minded professionals. She sees that her values of openness, trust and diversity are fully aligned with TietoEVRY, thus she believes she can represent the company in a good way. Catrine also finds that the company is a truly customer centric organisation and the engaged colleagues are inspiring to work with. She shares that when arriving to the sales desk at the Helsinki HQ, everyone dropped by to say hello. Overall Catrine has felt very welcome and colleagues have been really engaged in getting to know her.


Senior Lead Business Analyst

Ankit joined TietoEVRY in the summer of 2021 with the ambition to actively contribute to the payments, messaging and cash management space. By being part of a product organization, he appreciates the opportunity to develop product functionality to global customers - it's a large responsibility but an exciting one as well! Ankit thoroughly enjoys driving the development of products and the company culture: everybody listens to the points being raised and then also acts upon them. Ankit is also happy about having a great manager – a mentor, that encourages him to present his thoughts and perspectives to a wider audience. He finds that the flat company hierarchy makes any collague very accessible. A great start for Aknit!


Business Analyst

Viney has been with TietoEVRY for 2 years now and most of all appreciates working with some of the largest global banks. He and his team in cash management lead a very dynamic routine - working with various customers never gets boring, at the same time, he takes part in company activities like the social club for the VAM team and he has volunteered for the Oslo Marathon for 3 consecutive years as well as participated twice in Holmenkollstafetten. Vinjey also highly values the multicultural environment of the company - on one fika meet-up (a Swedish custom) the team celebrated a Norwegian festival Påske, yet on another - the Hindu Diwali celebration. Vinjey thinks that TietoEVRY offers both engaging projects to work on and versatile activities to take part in outside of the daily work routines.


Senior Tech Lead

Akshay joined TietoEVRY this fall after learning about the work culture. He found out that the company is highly employee centric, cares about the well-being of employees and the environment is very open - it's easy to talk with colleagues and engage in discussions. Akshays current responsibilities lay within the automation space where he acts as a consultant and a project lead. He celebrates the company's openness to explore new tools and technologies and stresses that his management always encourages growth and learning.



Principal Business Analyst 

The proactive, enthusiastic yet approachable Milind joined TietoEVRY more than 5 years ago when he took up a business analyst role in the innovative Virtual Account Management (VAM) product vertical. Over the years he has had several job promotions and many opportunities to work closely with a variety of global banks. In his day to day work he mostly enjoys interaction with business stakeholders across different geographic locations, dwelling into the complex business of global banks in the domain of cash management and finding ways of how VAM can support their business goals. Milind believes TietoEVRY promotes and encourages open, transparent culture, respects individuals and fosters teamwork. He also thinks that the company cares for its employees, which was evident from how the pandemic situation was handled by the organization.


Technical Support Unit Manager

Oskars leads a team of 21 awesome colleagues and has a hands on role in technical customer support. He has been with the company for 9 years and believes TietoEVRY offers it all: great colleagues that lead with an example, excellent workplace and workspace, as well as possibilities for professional growth. He first joined the company as master data maintenance specialist, then moved to a solution consultant role, and later to a unit manager role. Oskars enjoys both helping colleagues perform better in their roles and finding ways how to help customers the most efficent way. He appreciates the freedom in managing his own working time and the great team he works with - the best industry experts. 

Did you know?

Every second, we make sure that people can live their everyday life, at home, at work, in their free time. Everything made possible by fast, stable and secure financial transactions and services that simply work.

Empower people and businesses

TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success.

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