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The future of ERP – from paperless offices to AI

In the rapidly evolving digital era, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have advanced from promising paperless offices to embracing artificial intelligence (AI).

Peter Andersson / July 01, 2024

The ERP evolution from paperless offices to embracing artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities for efficiency and innovation for both employees and customers.

"Leveraging AI capabilities requires an ERP system that can intelligently structure data," emphasizes Peter Andersson from Tietoevry Tech Services.

Tietoevry is at the forefront of business applications in the Nordic region. With proven expertise in cloud-based ERP solutions and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft Dynamics, the company has exclusive access to the latest industry developments.

An ERP system that manages everything from finance and HR to supply chain, sales, and personnel is the cornerstone of a successful organization. In today's digital landscape, a modern ERP solution is essential for achieving speed, scalability, flexibility, and robustness.

"Many companies hesitate to replace their ERP system – the heart and lungs of their operations – until it's absolutely necessary, but waiting for the current system to crash is risky. It's crucial to choose the right timing for an upgrade."

As many organizations undergo significant changes, now may be the optimal time for a system overhaul. This decision is not just an IT concern but a strategic move requiring the commitment of the entire leadership team. It's about preparing for the future, not merely adapting the system to previous workflows. Hence, it is wise to also review and potentially replace other systems and applications during the process.

"There is a wide range of exciting AI solutions available, particularly in automating tasks and improving customer communication," adds Peter.

ERP Systems Built for Longevity

"A common mistake during a system transition is rushing through the process without a well-thought-out priority list. Without this, you risk creating a patchwork of systems," Peter points out.

Tietoevry has extensive experience across various industries, facilitating implementation with industry-specific best practices, and offers a broad range of digital services essential for a successful digital transformation.

"It's part of our DNA to create sustainable and purposeful solutions," says Peter Andersson. "We don't just build ERP systems for the present but for the entire lifespan of the company."

Peter Andersson
Sales manager


Peter Andersson

Sales manager

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