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Driving focus, specialization and expansion

TietoEVRY is announcing its new strategy to drive customer value and growth through specialization.

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Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

Navigate the data sovereignty maze – from cloud first to cloud smart

New regulations are hitting all organizations at a rapid speed. However, how to apply and be compliant with the new regulation is still a struggle for many organisations. Time to get updated?

Data creates advantage for healthcare and elite sports

Research data plays an increasingly important role in many sectors. What opportunities does data offer to the public sector including healthcare or elite sports?

Climate change is creating greater risk – and may affect the financing of companies

The transition to greener and more sustainable societies is one of the major changes that all businesses need to undergo in order to meet consumers’ and society’s requirements and expectations.

A small card – a quantum leap for the environment

Sparebanken Sør launches sustainable payment cards. The use of biological material can reduce the CO2 emissions associated with payment cards by an impressive 75%.

Time to shape the future

Join an exciting journey, building a brighter future together with 24,000 experts globally. Help businesses and societies meet their full potential – while you are also reaching yours.

What's up at TietoEVRY

TietoEVRY will publish its #Q3 on Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 8.00 am EEST. Stay tuned! #TietoEVRYinvestors

How can the cloud environment be protected? What is different in security in the cloud compared to on-premises? Read @PeteNieminen's insights and download our whitepaper to learn more: #PublicCloudSecurity

Time to secure that your #data is handled according to the national jurisdictions in the Nordics. How can regulations from #SchremsII and #CloudAct affect your choice of cloud solutions? Join our livecast on 28 Oct to get updated.

RT @MimmitKoodaa: Join livecast to learn more about a career in health tech. After a short introduction, we will go deeper in to understand…

”The possibility to vary on what, where, and how to work has motivated me, and for sure will continue to do so", says Mikko. 10 years and 5 positions later, he knows that the opportunities to grow within the company are extraordinarily good. ⤵️

Time to celebrate! We have been nominated as the first VMware Sovereign Cloud provider in the Nordics. What is #sovereigncloud and what it means in practice? Read more on our website 👉🏻 #sovereigncloud #cloudservices

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