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Building more equal and inclusive digital society with Findy

A visionary initiative by the public and private sectors in Finland – develops a new type of verifiable data network that strengthens Finland’s position in building digital trust.

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Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

Survey: Finnish youngsters envision social media being about influence and equality

The social media wishes and fears of youngsters were studied by the Children and Youth Foundation together with TietoEVRY in Finland. The survey continues the discussions around The Polite Type initiative.

TietoEVRY partners with Pride across the Nordics to promote inclusion and equal opportunities

Our ambition is to be inclusive for all – majorities and minorities alike. As part of our work to advance diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in the working life and in society at large, TietoEVRY is this year partnering with Pride organizations in Finland, Sweden and Norway to support the equal opportunities of the LGBT+ community.

Striking a balance between gut feeling and data

TietoEVRY’s 360° Training and Wellbeing service platform processes data on coaching, training, sleep quality and stress levels, and Käpylän Pallo's youth football team works as our test group.

Time to accelerate innovation with data

Operations can easily become siloed in a multi-cloud environment. How to extract benefits from all your data from connected devices to legacy systems?

Time to take advantage of all things virtual

Emerging technologies invite us all to rethink our ways of working. Volvo Trucks and City of Helsingborg are brave forerunners seeking for digital advantages. Watch the recording.

The road to a master's degree while working full time

Alisher is a young developer at TietoEVRY. It's time for him to share some advice on how to combine studies and work. 

What's up at TietoEVRY

Data makes a difference. Fostering an open, #diverse and inclusive culture requires concrete actions and leading by example. Read from @HannaVuorikoski's blog what activities we have taken to eliminate unconscious bias, an obstacle for #inclusion:

#Digitalizing a #packagingplant must support the whole #valuechain. Start with the most important processes. Some hints here. Read more: #packagingindustry #pulpandpaper #boxmanufacturing #board

How to move ahead and build national #instantpayment rails that cater to both merchants and consumers? Micaela Vernmark explains.

RT @OutSystems: 🔦 #OutSystemsPartner spotlight! 👏 Congrats to Hennileena Calonius on becoming certified with #OutSystems! Find out how sh…

Great news! We're deepening our co-operation with Valmet Automotive to support strategy execution and add speed and scalability to the IT services! Read more: @ValmetAutomotiv

Amalie spends her days reading up on the latest EU regulation within #GreenFinance. Get insight into her journey from being a fresh graduate to a skilled product owner, in just a short year! 🤩 #Sustainability #Banking #TietoEVRY

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