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From ocean plastic waste to payment cards

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year. The Savings Banks Group will offer its customers an option to have their credit card made from ocean plastic.

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Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

Time to create a secure and effective hybrid working environment

The latest ISG Provider Lens™ report, Future of Work – Services and Solutions, explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way people work.

Navigate the data sovereignty maze – from cloud first to cloud smart

New regulations are hitting all organizations at a rapid speed. However, how to apply and be compliant with the new regulation is still a struggle for many organisations. Time to get updated?

Diversity drives equality in digital services

Digital inequality often manifests in people not having equal access to digital services, or not having equal skills in using such services.

Boss I'm Back

We value that our employees strive for continuous improvement and have the courage to try new challenges. Moreover, if they want to join us again, they are more than welcome.

What's up at TietoEVRY

TietoEVRY has been acknowledged as a Leader in four public cloud service areas by @ISG_Insights. It’s time to check out the latest #ISGProviderLens™ Public Cloud 2021 report! Read more and download the entire report here 👉 #cloud #publiccloud

The #CognitiveEnterprise takes a human-centric approach to #digitaltransformation, yet with a business-oriented mindset when developing solutions with technologies like #AI, machine-learning and #IoT. Want to know why and how?

Building a central payments infrastructure with #realtime #payments? Here are 7 things you need to consider to ensure its long-term success.

A recent #CashManagement survey shows that companies need to combine several cash pooling mechanisms. Banks able to deliver different pooling types from a single technology platform will be better positioned to meet corporate demands in the future. 👉🏻

Boss I’m Back! We present to you: Hans Biersing, one of our returnees! Hans made his #comeback to TietoEVRY earlier this year and now works as Senior Customer Manager. Why did Hans choose to rejoin? 🤔 Find out here: #BossImBack #ComeBackers

What is #sovereigncloud, and how can your organization benefit from it? Time to check out 5 tips for digital sovereignty 💎 #cloud #datasovereignty

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