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Would you like to start your career at the leading Nordic digital services company?

We provide several exciting opportunities for newly-graduated talents. To make your choice a bit easier, our Graduate Program offers two tracks to choose from, depending on where your passion lies.

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Creating digital advantage for businesses and society

Cybersecurity 2021: what is the status of security in the current climate?

Sign up to our webinar on 19 January where, Sigrun Bock, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting, will share her insights into the status of cybersecurity and go through some of the findings from our recent cybersecurity survey.

Our climate actions recognized with top ranking

We have been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP, securing a place on its prestigious ‘A List’ for tackling climate change.

Shopping and payment becoming easier

NorgesGruppen has, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, launched new, modern credit cards for all its Trumf loyalty program members, which will make it easier for users to pay using contactless technology.

Towards a more equal digital society

Basic services are increasingly moving into digital platforms, yet our increasingly multicultural and aging society means we must remember to safeguard social equality. We run the risk of overlooking special needs. Still, enormous possibilities presented by digitalization outweigh the threats. Read more on Kimmo Alkio's blog post.

Joining forces to create holistic climate calculator for municipalities

Two thirds of global emissions is said to come from private consumption. But good public data is hard to come by. “The lack of good data has made working towards emissions cuts difficult,” says Bente Støa, climate advisor for the Norwegian municipality of Asker.

Helping the customers become the digital champion of tomorrow

The journey is filled with twist and turns and it's the job of a Cloud Architect to make it as smooth as possible. 

What's up at TietoEVRY

The aim: keep criminals away and turn new customers into loyal friends! Here is 5 easy actions that show you’re serious about protecting your customer's information online: #cybersecurity #security #futureofretail

We have been positioned as a #Nordic leader in Core #Banking Implementation, #Payments Ecosystem and #KYC and #AML services in #Banking Industry Ecosystem 2020 research by #ISG Provider Lens™. Download your copy of the report to learn more:

Is it possible to have digital supervision for home care services? The municipality of Höör in Skåne was already at the forefront of developing their homecare digital services offering and then corona hit. @hoorskommun #homecare #healthcare #welfare

Time to learn more about #InformationManagement and #InformationArchitecture in a captivating manner. Join us in the webinar 21 Jan. with @Findwise and @flandqvist, known as an enthusiastic information architect with brave and visionary ideas.

The population in the Nordics is positive to use the personal and important right we have #digitally, by voting online, but the majority of us are skeptical about companies handling our #personaldata. Learn more in our #cybersecurity webinar:

We are happy to share that we have been positioned as a #Nordic leader in Core #Banking Implementation, #Payments Ecosystem and #KYC and #AML services in Banking Industry Ecosystem 2020 research by #ISG Provider Lens™. Download the report to learn more:

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