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Meet our people

A business is defined by its people and we are proud to have the very best. Find out what working at Tietoevry means and how we are building the next generation of technological breakthroughs.

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Meet our people / Maria Vepsäläinen / 24.11.2023
Maria Vepsäläinen: Previous graduate who leads client projects for Tuska and Flow festival
Meet our people / Jari Keinänen / 24.11.2023
Jari Keinänen: Returning employee determined to revamp sports data collection
Meet our people / Ruchi Khanuja / 21.11.2023
Ruchi Khanuja: Pushing the envelope for generative AI
Meet our people / Eleonora Georgieva / 1.11.2023
Eleonora Georgieva: Embracing diversity and leading with expertise

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