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Tapasya Pathak: Prioritize wisely and set achievable goals to chart a fulfilling career path

Tapasya joined testing after a break and successfully pivoted into a coveted leadership position in Fintech. Her journey reflects resilience and a steadfast commitment to her long-standing aspiration.

Tapasya Pathak / March 15, 2024
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Tapasya’s career has been remarkable, but it was marked by guilt and self-doubt as she balanced work and family.

It was her determination along with mentorship and learning opportunities that she found, that helped her overcome challenges and achieve professional success, ascending to a key leadership position.

As Product Manager at Tietoevry Banking, Tapasya is involved in understanding the banking unit's vision. She serves as a bridge between stakeholders, ensuring alignment of product development with business goals, and meeting the needs of both the customer and the organization. She focuses on generating business value, optimizing investments, and leading the API strategy, contributing to Payments-as-a-Service. She actively engages in go-to-market planning as envisioned by the leadership team.

She says, “The current payments landscape is undergoing significant transformation due to digitization, platform modernization, and global payment standardization. At Tietoevry, we have ambitious global plans to capitalize on these changes, heavily investing in developing future-ready products with purposeful technology and to meet evolving business demands.”

In her narrative, she highlights her professional experiences, including a lateral transition into product development, the support she received from mentors and shares her proactive efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

My experience of self-realisation and mindfulness during a career break

A decade back, I was facing challenges, balancing my professional work which involved engaging in late-night meetings with US clients, with my personal responsibilities which included taking care of my two young children. During that period, my children spent a lot of time at daycare, and I often missed important moments with them after school which made me feel extremely guilty and doubtful of my priorities. So, I decided to take a break from my career to spend more time with my children.

After a few months, I began to feel like I was losing sense of who I am. After careful reflection, I realised that the responsibilities that I once found stressful could actually be enjoyable if I set realistic expectations for myself and ensured quality time with my kids and family.

During this mindset shift, as I embraced self-realisation and learned the importance of mindfulness, I was presented with a challenging role that supported my return to work, and I happily embraced it.


Advancing from Head of the Centre of Excellence in testing practices to leading Payments as Head of Product Development

I re-entered the professional space at Tietoevry, taking on the role of Head of the Centre of Excellence in testing practices. Due to my functional experience in Fintech and recognizing the vital role that product development plays in the success of an organization, my interest grew in this domain. My growing involvement in creating new business opportunities paved the way for a lateral transition into Payments as Head of Product Development.

Tietoevry stands out in terms of the opportunities it provides its employees. Tietoevry’s learning and development programs not only helped me gain certifications in payments but also allowed me to broaden my knowledge base. Managers and other seniors provided opportunities to present business cases and trial innovative ideas at user-group conferences and participate in external conferences.

I believe in the power of diverse perspectives and feel fortunate to work with a diverse group of colleagues from India, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the UK. Leveraging this advantage, my team takes pride in consistently delivering excellent service to our customers, earning the highest NPS and customer satisfaction scores.

Believe in your natural calling and be passionate about your work

I was fortunate to re-enter the IT workforce with a company that supported my ambitions. Right from the start, I felt aligned with Tietoevry’s values of openness, trust, and diversity. My engagement with the organization happened naturally and I never needed to put any effort into it.

Balancing the demands of work, family, and children can be challenging and handling different responsibilities with divided attention can prevent achieving personal aspirations and impact overall happiness. However, establishing clear goals and effectively prioritizing preferences can empower individuals to advance in their professional careers.

I encourage aspiring women leaders in technology to embrace their calling and nurture a deep passion for their work. I urge aspiring women in the technology space to follow their aspirations, take charge of their lives, set and achieve goals, and enjoy a life filled with happiness and fulfilment.

Tapasya Pathak
Product Manager, Payments, Tietoevry Banking


Tapasya Pathak

Product Manager, Payments, Tietoevry Banking

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