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A new crew of junior talent joins Tietoevry Tech Services in Finland

Read what they want to share on their very first day.

Recruitment Team / April 19, 2024

During spring 2024, a group of 19 junior talents in Finland kicked off their career journeys at Tietoevry Tech Services. We spoke to some of them about their aspirations and the vital role they play in the company’s future.

A diverse workforce is key to achieving Tietoevry Tech Service’s objectives. Senior employees have a lot of tacit knowledge to share with their more junior colleagues. At the same time, experienced employees often want to rotate between different roles and assignments – which opens great new opportunities for junior professionals to learn and grow with new and exciting projects as part of more experienced teams.

To enable such a strategy, Tietoevry Tech Services ’s talent- teams put a lot of effort into recruiting junior employees. In Finland, a group of 19 new recruits joined Tietoevry Tech Services together this spring. Some are recent graduates and others have several years of work experience from different fields, including for example finance, nutrition, - and even professional athletics. Most importantly, all of them are eager to learn more and motivated to grow as IT professionals.

Tech Services Junior Talent Recruit Group 2024

“New employees bring in fresh thinking and make a very important contribution to innovation and continuous development,” says Tietoevry Tech Services People and Culture Lead for Market Finland, Nina Linderborg. “Bringing junior employees into our projects and deliveries means that the more senior people can rotate to new tasks and projects, and continue their learning paths too. The aim is to manage our workforce in such a way that we have a good balance of people at all seniority levels. I am also glad that this spring half of our junior professionals are female - as diversity and gender equality are important values to us, and we continuously work hard to encourage more women to the IT field.”

“Being one of the biggest players in Finland for full-stack IT transformation means we can offer many kinds of career opportunities,” says Linderborg. “At Tietoevry Tech Services, the employee is always in the driving seat when it comes to their development. We think beyond pre-defined career paths as people have diverse interests and want different things. Our people managers and Tietoevry’s MyGrowth framework provide support for these individual career journeys.”

Soon after onboarding, the new employees start with customer-facing tasks under the guidance of their more senior colleagues. In this way the new joiners are immediately contributing to Tietoevry Tech Service’s growth and success and have a chance for hands-on learning.

Grete Veetla is a Junior Data Engineer who studies ICT engineering. She has also studied health-technology and wellness. With several months of experience as a web developer, Veetla chose Tietoevry as she has heard good things about working for the company.

Tech Services Junior Recruit Grete Veetla 2024

“I learned through my network that there are a lot of opportunities here for people starting their careers. This was confirmed during the interview process, where it was easy to be honest about myself and my goals,” says Veetla. “Now that I’ve joined the company, I see that I will be able to develop professionally in different types of roles here.”

Samera Pöyhölä started as a Junior Solution Consultant. He graduated five years ago with a degree in business administration and has been working in IT-industry roles since then.

“I have a good feeling about Tietoevry,” says Pöyhölä. “It’s great to have an onboarding day like this and share the excitement with others who are also beginning their journeys at the company.”

Tech Services Junior Talent Recruit Samera Pöyhönen 2024

Pöyhölä says the opportunity to work with likeminded people is one of the main reasons he chose Tietoevry. This was confirmed during the interviews with the hiring managers.

“We’ve been getting along well from the start and immediately found some common interests outside of work. I have a very positive impression about Tietoevry and the warm relationship between employees here. I’m really looking forward to getting involved with the customer projects and learning the company’s ways of working.” 

Väinö Ville Vuorinen is a Junior Data Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in information management. He has some previous experience working with data.

Tech Services Junior Talent Recruit Väinö Vuorinen 2024

“I applied for this role as I have been interested in data for a long time. I want to learn all the ins and outs of working in this field,” he says.

“Tietoevry is a big company and a key actor in keeping Nordic society running. As an employer, the company is modern, youthful and wants to bring out the best sides of people. You can certainly create your own career path here.”


Recruitment Team

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