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Sindre Haugland Bøyum: Bigger, more, and more rewarding opportunities

For Sindre, it is primarily the numerous opportunities offered by Tietoevry that make him enjoy his job so much.

Sindre Haugland Bøyum / February 14, 2024
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- When I look back at the opportunities I've had at Tietoevry, it's actually quite incredible.

- I've worked on countless different projects with both Norwegian and international colleagues, developed what I believe is one of the best online stores in the country, and created learning materials for young and adult learners worldwide.

However, one of the things Sindre values most is the opportunity to make a small contribution to the fight against climate change.

- I have worked on a project called the "Climate Hub," where businesses can uncover their carbon footprint. In a few years, having such an assessment will be mandatory, so we help clients stay ahead and take responsibility before it becomes required.

Additionally, Sindre is passionate about green code – a topic that often goes unnoticed by many developers.

- I advocate for more developers to understand how we can contribute to writing greener code, from the size of the code to where it runs and how efficient it is. We waste a lot of power on unnecessary and inefficient code without considering the consequences for the environment. I'm trying to influence both my Tietoevry colleagues and the rest of the industry through articles and presentations at conferences.

Fortunately, Sindre feels that he is gaining traction.

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Hard vs. Soft Skills

As a developer, Sindre is more concerned with soft skills than hard skills and devotes most of his time to understanding user needs.

- As a developer, I believe it's not enough to be good at design and programming alone. You must also be good at communication and understanding user needs. I spend most of my time understanding what we need to create because if you don't know that, it doesn't really matter what you build.

Due to the importance of understanding user needs, Sindre always strives to assemble diverse teams.

- If you're creating a solution for a heterogeneous group, it's a clear advantage for the developers to be just as diverse. It's only then that you can define and solve problems effectively. Interpersonal skills are therefore crucial for those of us who are inherently more technical.


Youthful Enthusiasm and Solid Experience

Speaking of diversity, Sindre also appreciates the diversity among employees. In addition to working with colleagues in Sweden and Finland on a weekly basis, he also benefits from the age diversity among his colleagues.

- Among those I interact with most daily, many of us are young; I think I might be the oldest – at the age of 29! We're an energetic bunch full of creative courage and a willingness to question everything. At the same time, we have experienced colleagues with invaluable expertise. That combination is fantastic and provides a lot of learning opportunities.

Among the 400 employees in the Bergen office, there are also many who participate in social activities, something Sindre often joins.

- There are various activities, from ice bathing to cabin trips and weekly mountain climbing. There's no shortage of opportunities to socialize, which I greatly appreciate. I've made many good friends here – and that's an unexpected, positive bonus of the job.

Yes, the advantage of working in a large organization like Tietoevry is the many opportunities you can seize.


Sindre Haugland Bøyum
Chief Developer and Community Lead for Front-End , Tietoevry Create

Location: Bergen office
Started at Tietoevry: October 2019
Fun Fact: Participated in setting a world record for the most simultaneous participants in a bouncy ball game.


Sindre Haugland Bøyum

Chief Developer and Community Lead for Front-End , Tietoevry Create

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