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Julie Kolstad Hetland: From summer intern to managerial position in two years

With her bachelor's degree in business law and economics from BI in Oslo, Julie is an excellent example of how you can take control of your own career.

Julie Kolstad Hetland / February 14, 2024
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- I started as a Summer Intern at the shoe store Sapatos and eventually became the logistics manager.

- I got a taste of web, e-commerce, and logistics before I was offered the position as store manager for Sapatos' flagship store in Bogstadveien in Oslo. A proud moment.

After one year as a store manager, Julie sought new horizons and chose to continue her education with a master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at NMBU in Ås, right outside Oslo. Here, the direction of "digital business transformation" particularly piqued her interest.

- I thought, this is the future - this is where I need to be.

Time for Tietoevry

After her studies, she was eager to make a difference in the corporate world, and her adventurous spirit led her to Tietoevry. Here, Julie started in the RPA department (Robotic Process Automation) as a project manager.

- I had the opportunity to lead a project for a big Norwegian retail company, where the Graduate team and I had to stand on our own feet, thankfully with solid support from the management.

Julie's ability to adapt to new situations and seize opportunities came in handy when she and her husband decided to move to Tromsø in the north of Norway for six months. This decision was met with support from her managers, a sign of the trust and autonomy that characterizes Tietoevry's work culture.

- At Tietoevry, there is a high degree of autonomy, and you have a significant influence, feeling like you are in the driver's seat of your own career.


Development opportunities

During her stay in Tromsø, Julie worked on several projects for a power company. Upon returning to the Oslo office, she has been involved in developing a smart insight solution that uses components from Microsoft Azure as a platform to consolidate data from various sources.

- This was also the first time Tietoevry implemented incremental data loading. It's fun to be a part of doing something for the first time and inspiring to work with the best in their fields.

Her dedication and leadership skills were quickly noticed, and after only two years with the company, Julie has been promoted to Manager of the BI department.

Julie's story is not just one of personal success but also underscores the importance of working in an environment that recognizes and supports the development of its employees.

- It's fantastic to work for a company that invests in colleagues with ambition and backs them all the way.

Tietoevry has allowed her to grow and develop, and she hopes to inspire others, especially as a young female leader, to dare to take charge of their own careers.

Julie's journey at Tietoevry is a testament to her remarkable ability to seize opportunities and an unwavering belief in hard work.

- With the right mindset and supportive surroundings, anything is possible.



Julie Kolstad Hetland
Business Intelligence Manager , Tietoevry Create

Location: Oslo, Fornebu office
Joined Tietoevry: August 2021
Fun-fact: Is a certified personal trainer


Julie Kolstad Hetland

Business Intelligence Manager , Tietoevry Create

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