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Ruchi Khanuja: Pushing the envelope for generative AI

While Ruchi is exploring the development of AI, she is developing too. It turns out to be a great combination.

Ruchi Khanuja / November 21, 2023
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In parallel with working on data architecture and cloud-based data solutions, Ruchi has delved into the world of generative AI.

She was primarily triggered by its remarkable capabilities in human language understanding and content generation.

- Over the past few months, I have focused on building advanced analytics solutions and proof-of-concepts using Gen AI. By utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Open AI and Azure Cognitive Services, I have integrated these technologies to create innovative, robust and cutting-edge AI solutions.

So far Ruchi has successfully implemented a Gen AI-driven chatbot, personalized chat experiences utilizing custom data, optimized document search capabilities, and multilingual voice-enabled bots powered by Gen AI. Like the rest of the Gen AI go-to-market team at Tietoevry, she views the potential of General AI as virtually unlimited.

- GenAi is set to revolutionize productivity, with the potential to impact all industries. We're actively working with clients across various sectors, including retail and the public sector, who are all eager to harness the power of AI. As industries increasingly become data-driven, there is a growing need to effectively utilize this data in real-time and with speed.

Ruchi’s exploration has sparked interest from a broad array of clients.

- Everyone wants to know about Gen AI, although the maturity of clients varies. Some need basic education and inspiration; others are ready for more technical discussions and advanced use cases. Mind you, there are various other automation and traditional AI tools, so discussions during ideation phase are often centered around finding the right fit between technology and the client.


Learning about AI = learning about yourself

Ruchi has not only learnt about Gen AI in the past months, but also a thing or two about herself.

- I really appreciate the fact that Tietoevry has given me time and a platform to explore this technology. There’s room to share ideas and discuss with just about anyone curious about Gen AI – at every level of the organization. I come from more hierarchical work environments, but here at Tietoevry everyone is open and accessible. The fact that there is a platform for sharing innovative ideas directly with senior leadership is a fantastic opportunity.

Not only is the technology developing at a fast pace, so is Ruchi herself.

- Although I initially considered myself primarily a technical expert, I have become quite skilled in engaging with a diverse range of individuals, including customer executives, clients, sales representatives, and senior leadership. I thoroughly enjoy the blend of technical and business discussions, where I can actively contribute to defining problems and finding effective solutions. So yes, it’s not only AI that’s developing at a fast pace.

Look to Sweden

Ruchi was no stranger to the Nordics before she moved to Stockholm in February 2023. She had previously lived in several European countries.

- I’ve previously lived in Denmark and Belgium, and in Hong Kong and Canada. I must say that I like the Nordic culture the best, both in the workplace and outside. That being said, the Swedish cuisine takes some getting used to, but I’m getting there. Slowly.

Before moving to Stockholm, Ruchi heard about Swedes being somewhat reserved, but has found that this isn’t the case at all.

- I find that if I open up, so do Swedes. My Swedish colleagues can talk for hours on topics ranging from technology to politics, and what I find interesting is that they are just as eager to understand my Indian culture as I am to understand their Swedish culture.

What Ruchi has discovered are small, subtle differences between the various cultures in the Nordics.

- In my experience, I have found that Finns tend to be more direct, expressing their thoughts without much filter, whereas Swedes tend to be more considerate and gentler. While both cultures effectively convey their points in their own ways, I embrace and appreciate the diversity in our multicultural company. It's a welcoming environment where anyone can feel included, and personally, I have truly felt that sense of belonging.



Ruchi Khanuja
Senior Cloud Architect

Office: Stockholm, Sweden
Started: Joined Tietoevry Tech Services in February 2023
Education: Master’s degree in computer applications from Rajiv Ghandi Prodoyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal
Fun-fact: Was a published short story author from an early age and has also written a travel book on Europe, albeit not a best-seller.

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