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Designed to run

Reinvent your business using the power of technology with humans at the frontline to unleash maximum value of the Cognitive Enterprise.

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What is the Cognitive Enterprise?

Built on three core pillars - humans, business, and technology - the Cognitive Enterprise takes a human-centric approach yet with a business-oriented mindset, when developing solutions based on data and technologies such as AI, machine-learning and IoT.

Together we design your new business model running on technology for maximum value, to get the most from your digital transformation investments and to create a sustainable and innovative culture throughout your organization.

How we make the digital transformation

The pace of change in digitalization is way too slow. Only 39 % of manufacturing companies have implemented Industry 4.0 in end-to-end operations and a mere 29 % of industrial companies have managed to capture value at scale of Industry 4.0 solutions. Our Designed to run methodology tackles exactly these issues and helps you get to value faster - reduced time to market, enhanced digital customer experience and the creation of an innovation-focused company culture for the long run.

Every company starts the journey towards the Cognitive Enterprise from a unique starting point. Start collaborating with TietoEVRY in any phase, wherever it fits you. Formulate a vision of where to go, prioritize ongoing efforts or start agile prototyping on the ideas you already have.

Our Designed to run methodology unlocks the values of the Cognitive Enterprise

Design your digital roadmap - Avoid technology silos and scattered proofs-of-concept by assessing current pain points and designing a digital roadmap to address your most important business challenges.

Break silos and mobilize the organization - Equip and mobilize your employees with autonomy, a vision, and the right tools to find and realize value.

Design to scale from the start - Start prototyping powered by our deep expertise and industry knowledge to move with speed and agility and build scalable solutions that can be rapidly leveraged across your organization.

Design a company culture for evolution - Establish the right organizational changes and new ways of working that make the cognitive enterprise keep on running and evolving in the long term.

Focus areas of the Cognitive Enterprise

The Cognitive Enterprise embraces your entire company with six focus areas, from digital manufacturing to enhanced customer experiences where our impact brings the most value. We use data as a foundation to redesign sustainable products, services, and business models and help you create a company that continuously can adapt to an ever-changing market landscape.

Data as a foundation

Dynamic supply chain

Make your supply chain sustainable and agile, with exceptional customer experience. We provide visibility, using digital twins to make your supply chain resilient, flexible, predictive, and autonomous.

Agile organization

Build easily adaptable organizations for changing environments and demands. Our agile transformation service introduces the value of Agile practices across all levels, from enterprise to projects.

Digital manufacturing

Use technology to connect physically with digital to enhance productivity, performance and reduce manufacturing downtime. Our digital manufacturing framework assesses your maturity level and lays the foundation for operational transformation.


Incorporate sustainability in your decision-making to ensure a future-proof cognitive enterprise. We help you get instant sustainability insights by unlocking environmental, social, and gender data in real-time, enabling better decision making, fewer business risks and proactively identifying business opportunities.

Innovation & new business models

Utilize the value of data to redesign products, services, and business models. We help you through the power of technology to innovate, incubate and industrialize new products and services to realize enhanced competitiveness.

Enhanced experiences

Meet customers and employees on their terms and in line with their preferences. We help companies to build excellent customer and employee experience based on the seamless interplay between process and technology.

How others do it

Empowering technicians by VR

By using VR instead of video tutorials, the technicians learn by doing. Volvo Trucks wanted to make sure this was an experience rather than a tool, and we helped them by creating a realistic multi-user VR world where colleagues could interact with each other, regardless of location or time zone.

Read more about the case

Virtual Inventory

By creating a joint Virtual Inventory for all the producing operators within oil and gas in Norway, the Norwegian Oil and gas association NOROG helped establish a transparent way for the companies to buy and sell spare parts to each other. This way of collaborating is essentially a digital “safety net”, cutting unnecessary costs and going towards a more sustainable industry.


Factory of the future

With more than 200 production sites and more than 3200 production lines, Wienerberger and Pipelife supply a wide range of products within the building materials and construction industry. With a broad digitalization approach, TietoEVRY has helped Wienerberger/Pipelife to record, store, analyze, and visualize data streams.

read more about the case

Want to know more?

Curious about how your organization can become a Cognitive Enterprise? Or how our methodology could take you there?

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Empower people and businesses

TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success.

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