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How does the Microsoft ecosystem benefits cybersecurity?

Do you know if you are getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft solutions? There is often a lot of untapped potential, especially in the area of cybersecurity.

Tomi Behm / April 08, 2024

Microsoft technology is a strategic choice for a growing number of organizations. No wonder - Microsoft provides highly trusted enterprise applications and cloud platforms and is investing heavily in new developments in AI, automation, and cloud capabilities. The solutions are comprehensive, and high security is built into the solution stacks.

Through our experience of working on various customer projects, we have noticed a common trend: many organizations tend to under-utilize the complete business solutions they have invested in. Despite the robust security features available within the Microsoft solution stack, we sometimes find that organizations continue to rely on the security solutions they are accustomed to using.

One company invested in a comprehensive solution, but was not able to deploy the cybersecurity products that were part of the package.”

It is a missed opportunity when parts of solution deployments remain unused, or the full potential of the solution remains untapped. Our team has gained valuable insight from working on hundreds of customer projects, enabling us to offer guidance on how to fully leverage your Microsoft technology investments for the benefit of security.

Transitioning from existing security solutions to Microsoft-based solutions is a unique opportunity to simplify your security operations."

Microsoft ecosystem approach brings cybersecurity benefits

Microsoft has systematically built and developed end-to-end business solutions. Basically, everything you need is under the same technology umbrella. This is a huge advantage and builds cyber resilience for the users of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Historically, the cybersecurity market has been quite fragmented, with many vendors and service providers focusing on narrower segments. Microsoft's advanced technology ecosystem has transformed the cybersecurity market. It has created a true enterprise-wide ecosystem with built-in AI and automation capabilities that protect users, infrastructure, and data. You could think of the ecosystem approach as an auto-pilot that provides automation and AI capabilities along the way of development.

A Microsoft ecosystem approach could replace more than 20 separate security solutions, but not many know how to make it happen for real.”

A big advantage is that Microsoft solutions are designed to work together. This saves a lot of work and effort in coordinating different security solutions. There is no need to spend resources on integration solutions to ensure compatibility.

Today, it's valuable for a cybersecurity partner to have a comprehensive understanding of the complete enterprise architecture and business solutions in use."

Tietoevry Tech Services is a strategic partner of Microsoft, offering end-to-end solutions to Nordic companies. We are an expert Microsoft ecosystem partner and help our customers get the most out of their IT investments. We help our customers to realize value across their entire IT landscape and to securely make the most of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation.


Mika M Huhtanen
Change Advisor, Business Security and Continuity, Tietoevry Tech Services

Mika Huhtanen is an experienced cybersecurity professional who has successfully led Tietoevry's Managed Security Services to meet diverse business needs. With a deep understanding of the cybersecurity domain and strategic insight, he focuses on helping customers fully leverage the value of the Microsoft ecosystem through Tietoevry's cybersecurity services. Mika is dedicated to designing adaptable processes that support a future-focused approach with “autopilot” support from AI and automation.

Tomi Behm
Lead Cybersecurity Product Manager, Tietoevry Tech Services

Tomi Behm is a senior security professional with 24 years of experience in cyber security. He has worked with customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises across multiple industries. Tomi's extensive knowledge spans operations, architecture, security management, product expertise, solution design and security offerings. In his current role as Lead Product Manager, he focuses on ensuring the value of customers' security investments and protecting their organizations. Tomi is dedicated to delivering the best results from security initiatives and protecting organizations from potential threats.


Tomi Behm

Lead Cybersecurity Product Manager, Tietoevry Tech Services

Mika M Huhtanen

Change Advisor, Business Security and Continuity, Tietoevry Tech Services

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