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Towards a cleaner and more intelligent energy system

The Green transition and renewable production leads to a more distributed production infrastructure and calls for flexibility in consumption

Fredrik Jansson / November 07, 2022

The focus of the Tietoevry Veturi programme's energy industry area is on a data-driven energy transition, which is more relevant than ever in this world situation.

In the energy transition, we are moving towards renewable production on a large scale, and as a result, an even more decentralized production infrastructure is being formed. At the same time, the number of assets using energy increases and they become smarter. A more weather dependent production needs to be balanced not only with energy storage but also with flexible energy use. All this requires integration and data-driven control.

Tietoevry has an extensive know-how as well as a product and service range in the application and solution development of the energy industry. Our products are used in network planning and maintenance, in the installation and maintenance work related to the meter infrastructure and the collection of metering data, balance management, customer information and billing. Our latest service is a cloud-native platform for managing distributed energy resources, creating virtual power plants to participate in flexibility markets, peak-shaving or other use cases. We are in a strong position to start developing a more data-driven service offering for the energy sector together with research and business partners.

Cooperating in new solutions to support the green transition

In order to achieve decarbonization and better predictability and control for the needs of both electricity distribution, energy system stability and trading, even more extensive data collection and cooperation around data is needed. These are the areas we will concentrate on in the energy research projects of the Veturi programme.

Our partner network currently comprises energy and network companies, companies managing large energy-intensive processes and smaller specialized companies, as well as research institutes conducting new research.

Tietoevry’s role in the Veturi programme is to be an integrator which brings the partners together to build new solutions on top of data.

Our ecosystem projects are focusing on e.g. the following research topics, the combined effect of which will support decarbonization:

  • New digital service entities for wind power operators’ needs
  • Better network management and data-driven planning of the power grid for distribution system operators
  • Solutions with which energy companies can react to the market changes as well as increased small-scale production and distributed intelligent energy resources
  • Better regional management of energy data, helping local companies in green transition
  • E-mobility, better energy management of facilities, more real-time data collection and analysis
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence and cloud-based data platforms

The next deadline for ecosystem projects in Business Finland’s schedule is in January and March. We are happy to discuss possible cooperation patterns to develop solutions that affect the future.

Learn more about the Trusted Digital Societies programme and join the network

Tietoevry Veturi

Trusted Digital Societies programme develops affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens. Tietoevry is inviting ecosystem partners for research collaboration in enabling technologies and platforms, as well as focused topics in Banking, Care, and Energy and City. This programme is part of a Business Finland-funded Veturi initiative.

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Fredrik Jansson
Head of New Business, Energy & Utilities

Fredrik is a leading expert on data-driven business-transformation, with a passion for finding new business opportunities from ecosystem-based co-innovation and co-creation. He is participating in significant national and international programs and ecosystems innovating and bringing the data economy to the next level.

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