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Leading companies creating ecosystems aimed at new business

The projects will develop solutions to significant future challenges.

Karin Wikman / February 16, 2023

Twelve announced leading companies and two challenger class companies.

One of the Government Programme’s goals is to increase Finland’s R&D investments to four percent of gross national product by 2030. Business Finland is for its part helping to reach this goal through the challenge competitions for leading companies, launched in 2020. The aim of the competitions is to make large companies increase their RDI investments significantly in Finland and create new high-value business ecosystems that can solve significant future challenges.

The main selection criteria for the leading companies are the amount of R&D investment increase and the challenge to be solved with the ecosystem. Currently there are twelve announced leading companies and two smaller challenger class companies. The companies are committed to increasing their cumulative RDI investments in Finland by more than 1.2 billion euro!

Project funding for leading companies is tied up to pre-defined goals for R&D and business growth, as well as how the ecosystem will be built – for example which partners the company gathers and what kinds of ecosystem projects it helps to start. Separate funding has been reserved for the ecosystem partner projects.

Ecosystem projects relate to the subjects defined in leading companies' roadmaps. A roadmap describes the leading company’s view on how the big future challenge will be solved together and what kind of know-how and ecosystem projects the company seeks. The projects can be joint projects between companies and research organizations, projects between companies, companies’ own projects or research projects.

Support for internationalization efforts

The leading company offers ecosystem partner companies a channel for market insight and projects for which the partner companies’ own resources would not necessarily be sufficient, and they get involved in solving a significant future challenge. The companies can also apply for funding from Business Finland for their own development work and get significant additional benefit from Business Finland’s extensive national and international expert network.

Tietoevry Trusted Digital Societies

Tietoevry is committed to helping Finnish IT companies build globally scalable business value from responsible data-enabled platforms in these important sectors: the banking sector, the health and care sector, and energy systems in cities. We are pleased that Tietoevry is actively inviting partners to join its Trusted Digital Societies programme – this opportunity is worth seizing. The common goal is to build a better tomorrow.

You can join the leading companies’ ecosystems by following their web pages and by contacting the contact persons.

Karin Wikman
Chief Adviser, Business Finland

Long experience in innovation and funding. Responsibility for the Leading company concept at Business Finland

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