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Smarter energy for a green transition calls for collaboration and partnerships

The EU Energy ECS project (Electronics, Components, Systems) accelerates decarbonization goals for 2050 through innovation, and lays the foundation for an emerging business and technology ecosystem.

Fredrik Jansson / November 28, 2023

From the climate perspective, energy needs to be totally rethought. We need efficient means to manage generation and most importantly, consumption. This is where new technologies enter the scene – minimizing the environmental impact of energy usage means large-scale deployment of digital solutions and artificial intelligence.

In recent years, Europe has taken a leading role in driving a profound shift towards sustainability and a greener future. This “green transition” has in the past two years seen significant initiatives emerge in managing energy through digitalization.

Collaboration is key

The challenge of building new, relevant, and digital-enabled solutions for the green transition can only be solved by working together to understand the big picture and the actual problems to be solved. This usually cannot be done by one actor alone, which is why partnering and collaboration are key to breaking down the issue into smaller interoperable pieces that can be built by the different partners while working together.

Sustainability for profitability

The Nordic countries are European leaders in creating efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Being one of the key IT players in the Nordics, with global reach, Tietoevry has an outstanding role as a practical part of advancements observed in Europe and globally. The solutions built in different collaboration frameworks and partnerships contribute to the transformative journey towards a sustainable and decarbonized society, from virtual power plants to using data to help decarbonize entire cities.

One example of recent collaboration is the Energy ECS (Electronics, Components, Systems), a comprehensive three-year EU project with an overall budget of 33 million euro, that not only accelerates Europe’s decarbonization goals for 2050 through innovation but also lays the foundation for an emerging European business and technology ecosystem.

The project brings together 14 small and mid-sized enterprises, 8 large enterprises, and 6 research and technology organizations from Finland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. Co-financed through the ECSEL Joint Undertaking of the EU Horizon 2020 programme, national funding agencies, and consortium partners, this project aims to develop and integrate technology platforms effectively, culminating in field-testable solutions.

Distributed energy resources are the future

In the energy transition, we are moving towards renewable production on a large scale, and as a result, an even more decentralized production infrastructure is being formed. At the same time, the number of assets using energy increases and they become smarter.

The increasingly weather-dependent, hence more unpredictable, power generation needs to be balanced not only with energy storage but also with flexible energy use. All this requires integration and data-driven control.

Tietoevry solutions and knowhow made available as a foundation to build novel solutions in the context of the ECS project and other collaboration context cover the entire value chain:

  • Network planning and maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of meter infrastructure
  • Collection of metering data
  • Balance management
  • Customer information and Billing
  • Managing distributed energy resources
  • Creating virtual power plants
  • Participating in flexibility markets

Ecosystem collaboration and partnerships are the new way of thinking about building new solutions for the new market composition. Collaboration is more efficient in reaching a common understanding of building new solutions than competition. Partnerships are the key to moving from business opportunities to concrete product development.

When you have topics, needs, or problems you suspect could benefit from such an approach, feel free to contact us. Or maybe you are looking for a partner who can make you a forerunner in speeding up the green transition – let’s talk.

For further information, please visit at and watch the video.

Fredrik Jansson
Head of New Business, Energy & Utilities

Fredrik is a leading expert on data-driven business-transformation, with a passion for finding new business opportunities from ecosystem-based co-innovation and co-creation. He is participating in significant national and international programs and ecosystems innovating and bringing the data economy to the next level.

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