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Tietoevry Care ecosystem collects enterprises with different competencies together to realize shared goals

The users play a key role in the development of scalable systems for customers.

Petteri Mussalo / December 22, 2022

The orchestrator carries the responsibility of operations in the strictly regulated healthcare information technology field.

The ecosystem members have various kinds of roles, and all members benefit from cooperation when they work for the collective value for a group of service or product consumers. The ecosystem provides the possibility to develop scalable, portable systems for customers and meet their various needs. All the different pieces of an ecosystem product entity have been defined, and they are used and combined in a different manner in each entity. The users play a key role in development, by a customer centric way. In addition to ecosystem partners working for the research or development, the future users attend to decision making. The culture enables the ecosystem to make the best decisions keeping both user and ecosystem in mind.

Healthcare information technology is strictly regulated by national and global legislation. The closer we get to the processing of patient data, the more important it is to comply with the regulation from the start. Hence, in all cases the ecosystem has an orchestrator who carries the responsibility of the ecosystem operations – the service or product delivery, utilization, use and maintenance. Tietoevry acts in Veturi as the orchestrator.

Software utilizes more and more new technology, like advanced analytics and machine learning components. According to the EU medical device directive, the software is interpreted as medical device, and this sets limits for software development, testing and delivery. Tietoevry’s answer to this challenge is to follow the regulation guidelines from the early development stages and be prepared for the accreditation. The existing quality manual and processes support to notify the regulation through the development life cycle.

Work in the Care ecosystem is advancing well, with several research collaboration initiatives ongoing. The voice of all the stakeholders will be heard in the development of an integrated platform for digital health and care services, making a shortcut to the new Health 4.0 era.

Tietoevry Veturi

Trusted Digital Societies programme develops affordable, accessible, and trusted digital services for citizens. Tietoevry is inviting ecosystem partners for research collaboration in enabling technologies and platforms, as well as focused topics in Banking, Care, and Energy and City. This programme is part of a Business Finland-funded Veturi initiative.

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Petteri Mussalo
Head of R&D, Tietoevry Care, Insights & Transformations, PE Health Village

Long experience in health care information management in different positions. Main interests in data governance, data utilization and analytics and machine learning. Doctoral thesis about voices of authorities and data valuation in healthcare.

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