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Trusted Digital Societies Showcase 2022

On 11 October, Tietoevry’s ecosystem partners gathered to hear the latest developments in the research focus areas and network with current and potential partners.

11.10.2022, Finland

The audience learned about the research ambition of the program and what kind of topics, partners and funding opportunities are available for ecosystem participants. The stage was also given to participants for presenting their project idea or company as a potential partner for the ecosystem.

In his opening words, Ari Järvelä, Head of Tietoevry Industry and Tietoevry Care, explained that the main ingredients of the Digital Societies program are ecosystems, data and trust: the ecosystem can jointly figure out how to monetize data and bring value to the Finnish society by growing businesses and getting Finnish innovations into the global markets, but it requires trust from the data owners and the ecosystem partners.

Tietoevry will drive projects to change the way how data is handled. By doing research in machine learning, AI and digital identity we strive to understand technological capabilities and develop business models. Together with research groups and growth companies, we are building the assets in enabling technologies to be used for commercialization in the banking, health and care, and energy sector projects.

Tietoevry can offer various kinds of support to its partners, like assistance with the application process, finding partners, collaboration with other Veturi programs, and developing cooperation.

Besides the ongoing projects there are many more in preparation. We are just scaling up and looking for more partners, so please contact us – let’s explore further opportunities for working together and generating new ideas!

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  • Opening words, Ari Järvelä, Managing Director, Tietoevry Industry and Tietoevry Care
  • Greetings from Business Finland / Timo Sorsa, Business Finland
  • Programme overview / Christian Sundell, Programme Lead
  • Learnings from research focus areas
    • Enabling technologies / Iftikhar Ahmad
    • Banking / Aleksandr Peussa
    • Care / Petteri Mussalo
    • Energy & City / Fredrik Jansson
  • Research ambition & Centers of excellence / Iftikhar Ahmad
  • Open Stage
    • Tatiana Trubnikova, Upknowledge
    • Aki Kuivalainen, Predicell Oy
    • Kari Liukkunen, University of Oulu
    • Pekka Mäkelä, Glucostratus Oy
    • Kwabena Atobra, Madiba Corp
    • Petteri Sveins, Wellpro Impact Solutions Oy
    • Tamar Pichkhadze, YaiYai Oy

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