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Findwise cognitive search solutions

We build on decades of expertise as a preferred provider of search driven solutions helping our customers to leverage their data in their digitalization journey.

Solving your information challenges

At Findwise we create information experiences that empower individuals in their daily decisions. We add business value to organisations where information is a priority. Simply put, we help companies find, analyse and act on information.

After 15 years of consultancy, research and development, we can proudly say that we are experts in solving information challenges. Today we focus on delivering findability and connected data in solutions such as enterprise search, website search, search-based applications and specifically for product or people centric data. Being a part of Tietoevry Create means that we can support customers both locally and in a truly global context in long term team deliveries.

Today, Findwise deliver search driven solutions using Solr, Elasticsearch or OpenSearch by themselves or for enterprise solutions together with our information platforms Findwise Go & Findwise i3. We work together with leading partners to be able to use the best possible technology for each business' need. That, and our ability to make sense of unstructured and structured data are the reasons why our customers choose us as long-term partners.

Johan Sjöberg

Head of Findwise Sweden

In the spotlight

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Schneider Electric selects Tietoevry as transformation partner to accelerate its site-search experience

The partnership includes improving search experience and replacing the existing platform with a single one, based on Elasticsearch engine

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Findwise helped Systembolaget with their first AI from idea to production

Going from a PoC to successfully launching an AI-powered service that suggests similar wines

Read the inspiring case

Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR) reduced costs with search-as-a-service

VGR reduced costs and improved usability and performance with a Findability solution designed and developed by Findwise

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eccenca selects Tietoevry as its partner to accelerate the Dynamic Supply Chain

The partnership will enable more resilient, predictive and autonomous supply chains for our customers

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Partnering with leading technology providers

Knowledge driven smart- and cognitive process automation

eccenca provides an automated decision processing platform that enables enterprises to infuse knowledge into data to drive efficiency.

The eccenca knowledge graph platform eccenca Corporate Memory transforms background knowledge about products, process, partner, people, policies, and data into understandable and executable containers. These help scale use, and more importantly re-use of knowledge in automating decisions across hundreds of individual application- and data silos. This will help organizations increase knowledge worker productivity and efficancy, as well as helping to build a sustainable approach towards scaling decision automation and governance of AI.

Read more about our partnership with Eccenca here

Ontotext GraphDB

GraphDB enables linking of diverse data, indexing for semantic search and enriching it via text analysis to build big knowledge graphs.


PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business

PoolParty is one of the most complete semantic middleware on the global market. Use it to enrich your information with valuable metadata. Let it link your business and content assets automatically.

Elastic (Elasticsearch) is a powerful component for modern search technology

The Elastic Stack (previously ELK stack, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats) is built around the popular Elasticsearch search index. It allows you to start small but will grow with your business to many use cases. It is built to scale horizontally and vertically. As you need more capacity, just add more resources or nodes, and let the cluster reorganize itself to take advantage of the extra hardware. Elasticsearch is based on the open source Apache Lucene Java library.

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