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Findability Review

Does search and findability support your users and business? How easy is it to find what you need?

The Findability Review aims to enable your users to effortlessly find and access the information they need. By optimizing findability, we can help support your business goals by boosting user engagement, increasing customer satisfaction, and promoting more efficient use of resources.

By conducting a timeboxed analysis, we’ll determine how easy it is for users to find what they need and assess whether the information provided supports those needs. Our review will provide valuable insights into the current state and how it can be improved to become a rewarding experience. We'll identify pain points and business cases that illustrate why search and findability are crucial components in achieving your company's vision and strategy.

Value Propsition
Our Findability Review is a valuable investment that offers a range of benefits to your organization. Our experts will provide you with an outside perspective and an analysis of where to put your resources. This analysis is crucial in developing a budget and a foundation for future development. You will gain a better understanding of search and findability, and our review will serve as decision and investment support to help you realize expected benefits.

Typical outcomes:

  • How search and findability can contribute to achieving your company's vision and strategy
  • How to overcome information challenges and realize benefits
  • Increased understanding of how and why search is business critical - pain points and business cases
  • Insight into a better user experience and improved findability
  • Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in the current state
  • Consensus in the organization - describe challenges and opportunities from different perspectives
  • Recommended activities to improve findability
  • Roles and responsibilities to get to desired state
  • A high-level vision of desired state

We assess the gap between current and desired state of search and findability by conducting an analysis of the information supply and mapping of information needs. Our approach is a strategic review rooted in the five dimensions Business, Users, Information, Technology and Governance. Our activities can include conducting interest analysis, interviews, and workshops, as well as performing a content inventory and evaluating interface and relevance.

Our review will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current state and provide actionable steps and activities to improve your search and findability. We'll require the participation of the right people at your organization, including representatives from the business.


Is your data a strategic asset or a burden?
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